Hello out there to all of you in rational thinking land, I was hoping someone could answer me in regards to a stamp I have which could be used to stamp, perhaps next to what I deem a disgraceful & ridiculous "In god we Trust" statement on most US dollar notes.

My question being, if I or someone were to mark the US currency with the addition of this stamp, "Atheist Money" would this be an illegal action? because although I dislike the totally retarded mainstream religious views of this country,  I also do not wish to be deported or forced to leave without my consent for what may be any illegal activity.

Thanks in advance for replies to this matter, CR ;-)

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It's not enforced. I've seen artist's websites where their entire artwork is composed of changing the face or activity shown on the bill, $5.00 bills seem to be favored.

I've also seen restaurants where people draw on dollar bills which are then pasted/taped to the wall behind the bar.


I would say that as long as you aren't waving it in the face of the government, you'll be OK, although they probably wouldn't even bother you then unless it was a really slow day or they were bored.

It's equivalent to ripping the tag off of a mattress or pillow, and enforcement is reserved for political activists making a scene, or other scenarios where law enforcement needs a convenient transgression to make an arrest.



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