I've asked this on my page, but what are some atheist movies you've seen?

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Lou Ferigno " What the hell is Chocolat?"
Thomas Lennon "It's a beautiful movie.."
- I love you Man
Idiocracy dealt with stupid rednecks being the best breeders, but not so much with stupid religious fanatics...I would have liked to see that.
Oddly enough "year one" which came out this summer, kind of had an atheist theme.
Battle For Terra: the only character to make any religious remarks turns out to be the bad guy.

The Day After Tomorrow: the scene in the library, when they're all huddled around the fireplace, and one of them is clutching a Bible.

The Golden Compass: perhaps the antireligiousness of this movie would be lost to fundies, but the whole movie is basically one big protest against rule by a church.
I saw Battle for Terra. The movie itself could have been better, but I got a kick out of the blatently anti-religious message of the film.

I also heard that Happy Feet was anti-religious. I could see that.
I was shocked that it wasn't protested, it seemed so obvious.
m. night shyamalan's "The Villiage".
Not so sure about that one, Shawn, since Shammy's previous piece was the disgustingly theistic Signs
Not so sure about that one, Shawn, since Shammy's previous piece was the disgustingly theistic Signs

I thought "Signs" could be taken either way. He definitely jumped the shark at the end and a Theist could too easily interpret it as "God/Faith saved them" but anyone splitting hairs (like, the only way I can enjoy that otherwise most awesome movie), can say that the events drove the preacher to his actions at the end, but the events themselves were not at all divinely enacted.

I felt like one of the few people in America who actually loved "The Village!"
wouldnt the answer be "any movie in which god is not mentioned" ?

but i think i understand what you are asking.
try any movie which raises philosophical questions like "Fight Club" or "I Heart Huckabees".
I also find most sales related movies to be antireligious due to the nature of questioning and debating. Try "Thank You For Smoking"
Thank you for smoking was great.




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