I've asked this on my page, but what are some atheist movies you've seen?

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The Ledge - coming in June 2011


"Agora" is a recent film where the main character is an atheist and teacher in ancient Rome, during a conflict between the pagans and Christians.

To be clear the main character is Hypatia - and the action of the film is in Alexandria, Egypt. Rachel Weiss in the main role is spectacular!

I love that this film does not shy away form showing the Christians as an unruly mob of violent self-righteous thugs! ... so not much has changed since!

I HIGHLY reccommend this film!

Yes, I meant "ancient Rome" as the time period, rather than the place. Sorry for any confusion.
Just saw this movie at the Atheist Film Festival in San Francisco.  Hyptia is my new hero/heroine.  Absolutely stunning story and the movie was just awesome.  I cried.
Not strictly an atheist movie, but has a stirring speech which is wonderfully atheistic:  "Paths of Glory," directed by Stanley Kubrick.  AND, it is strongly anti-authoritarian.

"Dude where's my Car" .. such a movie could only exist in a godless world.



I liked "Chocolat" -- very good movie.


I will have to watch the movie "The Ledge" -- thanks for the link.
"Year One" has a great atheist ending. Which is great, because all of its characters are based on the bible.

I sort of keep an eye out for movies with atheist themes...most recently I've seen "Agora", "The Ledge", and "Black Death".




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