I've asked this on my page, but what are some atheist movies you've seen?

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yay Julia!
After watching Blade Runner in 1982, it made me question the existence of god.

Although it is entirely set into theological themes, I think "Devil's Advocate" makes a great case for not only rejection of theism, but of the First Cause, especially as it is promoted by theism.
How about "The God Complex"? That was awesome but very low budget.

Luv the Submissive Jesus talking head - I bought one of my own!

The God Complex was good, but could have been better, imo.  Like you said, though, it is very low budget, so can't expect too much.
This blogger posts reviews of movies that you might be interested in....
The God Complex isn't there!
How about "Luggage of the Gods" that was funny when they sang "Build Me Up Buttercup".
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luggage_of_the_Gods! Not on DVD and VHS tape release was quite a while ago!
I watched "the Invention of Lying" this weekend and I think it certainly qualifies!
Even if Ricky Gervais is not your cup of tea I think you'll enjoy the not so subtle atheist message.
Yes, and a much better movie than I expected. It kept me thinking about it even days later.
Yeah, I thought that was a pretty atheistic movie.




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