When I decided to write an article about atheists' New Year's resolutions, I didn't realize what a headache I was letting myself in for. Atheists just aren't big on making them. Perhaps that has something to do with the religious origins of the habit (the practice goes back to ancient New Year's rites centered around the two-faced Roman god, Janus) but more likely, it's because we're a generally pragmatic bunch that doesn't like making promises we might not be able to keep (according to Quirkology, only 12% of resolution-makers kept to their goal after 1 year). Still, I was resolved to find some that made resolutions... so I spent a good part of my time at an atheist solstice party last week with a notepad in hand instead of a drink and went looking for them.

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I've never made a New Year's resolution. Don't know why. I'm not perfect. There must be something I can improve upon. Maybe I don't give a shit. I guess I like me just the way I am. Besides, I don't know what's going to happen next year. I don't even know what's going to happen tomorrow. Did I just die?
I don't see the point of a New Year Resolution. A resolution can be made any day, anytime. A resoultion for the New Year just sounds forced. Does not seem natural in my opinion.

I have never ever made a New Year Resolution.
I gave up Catholicism for Lent about 30 years ago. Never went back.

I gave up New Year's resolutions in favor of constant evolution.
I gave up New Year's resolutions in favor of constant evolution.

Lovely statement Howard, I am going to shamelessly steal that line.

It also sums up my feelings perfectly on the idea of new year resolutions.

Sweeping changes to ones life rarely work, instead I find working to improve aspects of oneself on a continual small scale actually more effective in the long run.
I gave up resolutions 25 years ago. It's been an easy New Years ever since.
This is actually the first year I have ever given myself new year's resolutions. I have decided that I am determined that I will work each and every horse at least 3 times a week. And that I will make myself spend time with them. They are getting heavy and a bit spoiled and so I finally had to face the fact that I must make this resolution, and I will, (it would be easier to keep resolution if it ever stops raining in Oregon:)
My resolution is just to learn and pass courses in college.
I also have hopes that the secular movement in 2010 will be greater than ever, and I'll be proud to participate in it... mainly in the form of surfing Youtube. =P
My resolution is to give up smoking. Here's hoping...
Remember Colin, nobody likes a quitter.
Too funny but oh so true! :)
Colin, I smoked my weight in tobacco over the course of ten years. (My brother and I calculated it out over a beer.) I quit without drugs or therapy over fifteen years ago. I 'resolved' never to be an annoying ex-smoker, and pretty much succeeded at that. But if you want some key advice/concepts (based on science and psychology) that really helped me, 'friend' me and we'll 'talk.'




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