When I decided to write an article about atheists' New Year's resolutions, I didn't realize what a headache I was letting myself in for. Atheists just aren't big on making them. Perhaps that has something to do with the religious origins of the habit (the practice goes back to ancient New Year's rites centered around the two-faced Roman god, Janus) but more likely, it's because we're a generally pragmatic bunch that doesn't like making promises we might not be able to keep (according to Quirkology, only 12% of resolution-makers kept to their goal after 1 year). Still, I was resolved to find some that made resolutions... so I spent a good part of my time at an atheist solstice party last week with a notepad in hand instead of a drink and went looking for them.

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Do it. Use Chantix if necessary...it works (altho the side effects are a bit of a bitch). I'm 5+ months and still feel occasionally as if I've lost my best friend. Then again, after 25 years of smoking, I didn't like that particular friend much anymore.

It's worth it, I feel.

I definitely don't have a New Years resolution this year. I got some Catholic dude tell me on Facebook, maybe it should be go to church... Ha... what a moron!!! DELETED...

i am not perfect but dammit I enjoy the way I live my life and everything about it!!! So I wouldn't change shit!
It's only because most people are slaves to cultures and traditions: some good, some bad.

America is enslaved by the culture of theistic religion.
I think there is merit to using the delineation of a new calendar year as a starting point to do something. I have a target this year to expand elements of my business and to start a new one in the wine industry. Not QUITE a resolution but a goal for the whole year.

Cheers and regards,
I resolved to be more organized in my daily life. Its been a big problem for my entire life and the social convention of new years resolutions makes it a bit easier for me to stick to a goal.
The only new year's resolution I have ever kept was to not make new year's resolutions anymore. Should I turn my one success into a failure?




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