Edit: Heh, featured? I feel somewhat important now. :D Thanks.

Congrats to Brother Richard, congrats to all the admins and moderators, congrats to the many people taking up A|N's bandwidth. Just wanted to say congrats for becoming popular and well known. Good or bad, congrats.

In this celebration, of a rather null sort, tell us something about A|N. Anything that you wish to state out about this wonderful site. How you found it, how it helps you or has helped you, even something that you'd like to see on the site now's your chance. Just feel excited (so I'm not the only weird one here).

This is the Suggestion Box

All suggestion are being posted here for easier reference.

  • The auto start pertaining to the music on some member's pages should have an auto off.
  • (Under my tag 'suggestion' there is someone else who had one with no answers, I would like to mention it here for them.)

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¿ǝɹɹɐzıq ʇsnɾ ɯ,ı ǝqʎɐɯ
Ha, didn't figure many people knew the unicode characters. Very nice.
Kudos for being so sly. ;]
I heard about this site while watching an Atheist Alliance International Convention video on Youtube. Richard Haynes was the speaker.
I fully support what he's trying to do... err... telepathically ^_^
Heh. Thanks for bringing that to our attention, Kyle.

I found A|N by searching for "feminist atheists".

You may already know this about tags, but just in case... if you want to make a tag that is more than one word, put the more than one words in quotation marks, like so: "more than one word".
Thank you dear, the tag has been fixed. :]
You're welcome dear, anytime.
Alone in my desert wilderness, I was toodling around online looking for ways to connect with like-minded humans (maybe even of the single male variety, but mostly anyone like-minded).

Basically just stumbled upon it. But very glad I did!
Basically just stumbled upon it. But very glad I did!

Me too!
I guess it's my turn right? Well, I found Atheist Nexus though Brother Richard's and moJoes' podcast called 'Atheist News'. I resisted going at fist because I was a closet atheist. That was fixed one day when I wore a shirt to school that said atheists were not bad.

Guess what?

...called to the principal's office.
Good news is I won the argument. :]
Heh. Congratulations on winning the argument.
Are You Sh*tting me?? Americans are so closed-minded. Let me guess... you live in a predominantly conservative county?

I'm glad you "won" btw.




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