Edit: Heh, featured? I feel somewhat important now. :D Thanks.

Congrats to Brother Richard, congrats to all the admins and moderators, congrats to the many people taking up A|N's bandwidth. Just wanted to say congrats for becoming popular and well known. Good or bad, congrats.

In this celebration, of a rather null sort, tell us something about A|N. Anything that you wish to state out about this wonderful site. How you found it, how it helps you or has helped you, even something that you'd like to see on the site now's your chance. Just feel excited (so I'm not the only weird one here).

This is the Suggestion Box

All suggestion are being posted here for easier reference.

  • The auto start pertaining to the music on some member's pages should have an auto off.
  • (Under my tag 'suggestion' there is someone else who had one with no answers, I would like to mention it here for them.)

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Thanks Grundgetta.

No, it's completely true... sadly. And my area you could count as conservative because I live in the bible belt.

Two things.
1: The argument took almost an hour and a half to complete. I had to break out the science book and threaten to bring it before the school board. It sucked but felt wonderful when I was finally out of that damn office.

2. My parents hate2 (hate squared because I felt just hate didn't suffice) me because I don't think there's a God. Before I 'came out' they would buy me things and all that a loving parent would do right? After I told them they only did enough so I couldn't get an emancipation.
I'm human and they ignored me.... I am bound to over-exaggerate things. However, they never talked to me and never interacted unless they had to. So it is the utter disappointment from them that I count as hate.

I know I shouldn't use the word hate and I know it could have been worse.... But it has boiled in me for a while now.
I was a closet atheist. That was fixed one day when I wore a shirt to school that said atheists were not bad.

Don't know how you approached it, but my first comment to the principal would have been, "Ok, my friend here is going to wear a t-shirt tomorrow saying 'Christians are not bad,' I'd like to see you pull him into the office and give him the same third degree you're giving me."

However you did it, good job taking them on like that. Though I hope it didn't adversely affect your academic status. ;-)
Thanks for the support and that was part of my point.
As for my grades.... I'm a 'natural learner' as they say. Things come easy to me and it didn't hurt one bit. :]
How did you manage that? Arguments against school officials won by a student is rare!
By whatever means, I came to be a "Youtube atheist", as the common appellation goes, watching The Atheist Experience clips, listening to TheAmazingAtheist's diatribes, enjoying Edward Current's satires, and such, (Exactly how I got into watching youtube videos from my little closet of one forum where I was hated or was nobody eludes me.) and one day someone said something like "I'm an atheist nexius [(sic)]" in response to some question that vaguely seems to have been "What religion do you follow?" Thanks to some drunk's misspelled remark I found this place and felt fucking superior: It's was a place full of people who actually think about their remarks before they make them, can coherently respond to a post and do so often, and are atheists as well. It was a three-dimensional transition: from few active people to many; from people who are mostly incompetent/stupid to competent/intelligent, and; from people who are mostly theists to mostly atheists (There are sleeper-cells here.). As such it was super-great for me and made me smile with an emotional warmth as I walked across campus a few days after joining.
I got here because of Hemant Mehta's FriendlyAtheist.com site. I was already following him and Greta Christina's blog (plus the Dawkins site and the Reason Project site and PZ Myers and Orac and ....)

It is nice to have a place for intelligent conversations ... and they aren't always about religion, atheism or evolution, either. (Getting your grammar corrected by a published novelist/professor can be a little 'interesting' ....)

One thing I would like to see is some way to turn off the music that starts on some pages. I think the default should be 'off', not 'on'. Particularly if you follow a link and then come back to a page, you have to turn it off again!@$!#
I think I will follow this and past the suggestions at the top in the discussion so easier to see for everyone. :] And maybe a little 'editing' on the posts.

I love that site also.... he as to be the most passive atheist I have ever known.
The idea to just have a 'no start' script on the music players isn't a hard idea in truth. That is, as long as you know some C++. I've never heard of the Noscript till now, seems like a neat idea. Thanks for sharing that.
I'm not a mom,but am on Yahoo's Atheist Mom forum.
Someone told me about it,so I popped on over...I liked what I saw,so I signed on.
I discovered this site through Yahoo! Answers when I asked a question about where could I talk to former Christians.
A Jehovah's witness and a Unitarian fell in love. Obviously they had religious differences so they went door to door for no apparent reason.



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