Atheist Nexus Facebook Group = Super Happy Fun Time!

or so it will, with a little help from our community. I have volunteered to admin the group and keep it up to date, but what we really need is more participation! Our OPEN GROUP is like an advertisement to the public, and I really want them to see a glimpse of the vibrant, intelligent network that we have here.

So I will try to keep the site fresh, but I ask you all to join, and to stop by once a week or so, start a discussion and contribute to one too. We have over 6000 members here, and 450 on FB.

Let us all chip in help spread the message of positive atheism, and help us put an intelligent brand on our group!


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Thanks, Jason!

I look forward to seeing the Facebook group grow.

How do I find this group on Facebook? I would love to check it out.
Hey guys thanks! We have gotten up our Facebook Group membership from 450 to 545 in 10 days, and some of us have even started contributing and commenting!

I am hoping to get to 1000 members on FB by the end of April, and if every member contributes to the conversation on there just once or twice a month, we should have one of the most active groups on FB, which will in itself be a great advertisement for us!
Good on ya. I don't use Facebook. I'm hoping some of those folks migrate to here.


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