Even thou A|N is less then a year old, we are already making an impact in the realm of unbelief. As we approach the new year, I can't help but think (and dream) of what we collectively could accomplish in 2009.

Let's brainstorm. What are your ideas? What would you like to see us achieve this year?

Also, this shouldn't be a place to poo-poo other's ideas. Let's just dream unencumbered, and then worry about the details once we get some decent ideas.

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Simply but elegant...I like it!
I was wondering if we are going to pursue the 'networking' idea, whether some clever person can organize a system whereby groups run by atheist organizations can arrange other member organizations on Nexus into 'local', 'regional', 'state', 'country' or 'international' categories - according to their own location.

Then, when an organization needs to promote an event, or get support for a petition or find volunteers for a charitable event, etc. they can write a bulletin and easily distribute it to other organizations - locally, within the state, or even internationally - according to relevance and need.

It would be a great and easy way for organizations to keep in touch with each other - and a big plus for Nexus.

Even better would be some system by which you enter the location of your own atheist group and the other groups on the site are automatically sorted geographically, based on your location.
If there is some way of weeding out the religious folks that actually works I am willing to be part of it. I would be happy with an area that they would be welcome to for discussion, but this would likely pull them even faster into parts of our neighbourhood.
Fill our local media with positive newsworthy atheist stories. Even campaigns that don't announce an atheist connection that can later have the tag associated with it after public approval.
Create a mobile version similar to other mobile sites. That way members could access from their mobile devices. Huff Post, MSN, Google, and others do this. Of course, their resources are substantially more so if too expensive it would not be feasible.
Widgets for other social networks to attrackt people for elsewhere.
I was wondering if we could have a search for members by region or zip code.
I note that a new Ning site called Think Atheist is selling merchanis through their site. Has anyone suggested clothing, badges, caps a zazzle store perhaps
Like for example, a yarmulke?
I like that idea,especially if artists are paid for their work.
This would be cool. Anyone can blog to the main site and people could vote on how good the entry was. Bloggers with the best ratings would be given more visibility but everyone's blog would be accessible. Maybe this is already being done. I dunno. Let me know if it is.
I hope that everyone who has contributed to this discussion will consider making a contribution to Brother Richard's forthcoming trip to attend the Fifth Annual Meeting of Heads of National Nontheist Organizations conference in Washington.

This is a huge opportunity to put Atheist Nexus up on the same state as major American non-theist organizations and explain our 'vision' to them.

We're nearly half way to the required sum of $898 - come on, lets see if we can push it over the line by the time Richard goes to Washington on January 9.



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