Even thou A|N is less then a year old, we are already making an impact in the realm of unbelief. As we approach the new year, I can't help but think (and dream) of what we collectively could accomplish in 2009.

Let's brainstorm. What are your ideas? What would you like to see us achieve this year?

Also, this shouldn't be a place to poo-poo other's ideas. Let's just dream unencumbered, and then worry about the details once we get some decent ideas.

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I know it's been said before, but I'll repeat as to cast more votes in favor.

More customizable personal pages;
Updates to replies as notifications listed in the same section as your inbox on you A/N personal page, that way your email isn't clogged up with 15 notices;
Merchandise, it's an easy set up on Cafe Express;
Links to other sites
I agree, funkQ. The exchange rate at the moment is terrible. Richard lost a full $20 of my contribution due to the exchange rate. Nevertheless, at the moment, the money is needed and even a small donation will help get Richard to Washington.
Well, of course, you can both send your cash to his Australian agent - moi! I only take a modest 40% off the top! ;-)
No, you've summed me up perfectly. I'm only into this atheism stuff for the big money! ;-)
Google lists 403,000 results for atheist forum,joint ventures between all the existing forums would definitely increase the noise we cats make,meow!
Members of this site are very welcome to use swear words. However, using them in group names restricts access to the site for people who are subject to internet filtering software.

While I have no objection to profanities, and use them myself, I think it is far more important that Atheist Nexus remains open to anyone who wants to access it. I don't think that us putting 'Fuck' into group titles is going to make one iota of impact on internet censorship.

This is a remarkably free site with very little intervention. Let's just accept what small restrictions there are for the greater good, eh?
Yeah, it kinda reminds me of a 2 year old saying, "Shit, bum, poo!" just because it's naughty and gets a cool reaction.
It would be awesome to choose issues to champion. We all want to make an impact on the planet before we die. As a group we can show the world that one doesn't need religion to do good, only the desire to do good. We could organize stuff all over the country or world to fight injustice. I think it would be a good PR move for atheists and other freethinkers to show we aren't vile, hedonistic, moralless people.
Adam wrote: "... to show we aren't vile, hedonistic, moralless people."

You're right! I'm an atheist and I'm NONE of those things ... but it sure does sound like fun! ;-)
"everybody gets their kicks ..."

On route 666?
I think we all have a little bit of all those traits,once we learn about something previously unknown to us,we are either for or against it,thereby "merging" someone's else ideas and feelings with our own.

We just need enough people to do something good for the purpose of doing good,not because it fits our beliefs or because sky fairies told us to,just because our human morality says, "Hey,those people are suffering more than you,mind lending a hand?"
I'd love to see an organized effort to make bigoted remarks about us on television(especially the news) taboo. Maybe a group for letter writing with a representative that's willing to go on whatever program on behalf of the community.



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