Even thou A|N is less then a year old, we are already making an impact in the realm of unbelief. As we approach the new year, I can't help but think (and dream) of what we collectively could accomplish in 2009.

Let's brainstorm. What are your ideas? What would you like to see us achieve this year?

Also, this shouldn't be a place to poo-poo other's ideas. Let's just dream unencumbered, and then worry about the details once we get some decent ideas.

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Sorry, I found your post difficult to understand.
One thought is that religion has historically dictated how society has organized itself.
As atheists, we should not feel restricted to that paradigm.
A/N is organized but is not an organization. There are other ways of seeing, other ways of doing, other ways of revealing the simplicity of being free of faith.
In 2009 I would like to see these other ways explored.
Are you up for the trip?
Funk O;
Hmmm, being kinda new to these forums, I don’t know about the “customs” you all have established, but it does seem reasonable that we would be discussing these topics. I guess I haven’t found the relevant group or discussion thread yet. But...
To continue here, at least, after a superficial exploration of A/N I have some observations, and you could correct me if I’m mistaken.
Your response to my suggestions for 2009 does not surprise me, as your avatar seems aggressive, and the flaming middle finger in the face of your fellow atheists I found somewhat off-putting.
That aside, we could discuss my fifth suggestion as you seem to see it as “a difficulty many of us have”:

"5.] Remember, atheism is the lack of something, and accept the humility of your deprivation. It is the way."

The richness of our lives can be measured, not only by what we have, but also by what we can put aside, what we can do without, the encumbrances we can unburden from our daily comings and goings.
Faith is necessary to the faithful to maintain their own importance, to justify their very existence, and add meaning to their worldly presence.
Surely you can see that the lack of faith, while being part of the path to enlightenment, also necessitates a profound reassessment of our own presence in the cosmos.
We should not allow the self-righteous to assume a monopoly on humility, when, in fact, faith results in just the opposite.
We should be a beacon for the confused faithful, the wavering egos that abound within the religious communities.
That cannot be accomplished without humility. Or, for that matter, by sticking a flaming middle finger in their faces.
I think its unwise to come, new, to a site and start making assumptions about people based on your first impressions. FunkQ, despite his icon, is one of nature's gentlemen and a man of great intellect and reason. We love debate here, but why not just take a step back and get to know us before going on the defensive. We're actually a pretty nice bunch, and Funky is a very valuable and active member. ;-)
Well, Kristy, there are a lot of assumptions I make about people on this site, the main one being that they are all atheists.
Assumptions are gleaned by newbees as a result of how others choose to represent themselves. I didn't make the decision to present FunkQ as a flaming middle finger, he did. I assume he means something by it. So just what am I to make of that?
For that matter, what am I to make of your smiling face? Why did you choose to present yourself as a lovely, smiling person?
My point was not to pick a fight. Actually, just the opposite. My emphasis was on the humility we realistically assume when we abandon faith.
The average theist perceives atheists as angry, and therefore easily dismiss the faithfree as unreasonable, and, well, nothing more than a bunch of middle finger flickers. We should be working, as you obviously do, to present a different image,
That being said, where was I defensive? I responded to FunkQ because of the points he made, because I respected his opinion, not because he gives me the middle finger. I never insult, or use profanity. Yet I do feel free to aggressively make my point.
I really like this site. It is the first atheist site I have ever joined, and part of the reason, frankly, was that I encountered your avatar, smiling, joyful, happy, attractive and welcoming. I don't know what I would have thought if Funk Q's avatar was one of the first things I saw.
Anyway, that is why I listed the things I'd like to see happen in 2009. More images like yours.
Well, thank you for those lovely compliments, Asa - after that you can attack Funky as much as you like. I've just made you my new best friend! ;-)

Oh, and the reason I chose that particular photo was that it was one of the few that doesn't show my double chin. :-(
Surely you meant, OMFSM?
I appreciate your permission, and perhaps I shall.
Go for it! As long as you both wear tight satin shorts, battle it out in a mud pit and let me watch. ;-)
Don't you dare start without the HOB (Horny Old Broad)!
Well call me shallow, funky, but I'm happy to be labelled: "smiling, joyful, happy, attractive and welcoming". :-)
Blackie wrote: I'm dysplorkxic. Don't pick on me.

So, you don't believe in Dog?



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