Even thou A|N is less then a year old, we are already making an impact in the realm of unbelief. As we approach the new year, I can't help but think (and dream) of what we collectively could accomplish in 2009.

Let's brainstorm. What are your ideas? What would you like to see us achieve this year?

Also, this shouldn't be a place to poo-poo other's ideas. Let's just dream unencumbered, and then worry about the details once we get some decent ideas.

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I absolutely agree with you, Spoonbender, that personal epithets should not be used (although I might shout them at the computer from time to time!). This does NOT mean that I think people using them should be banned, just that calling people names is pointless and, I agree, diminishes what we are trying to achieve here.

I think that the nature of this site, and the high calibre of its members sets a tone which discourages these kind of attacks, without the need for the intervention of moderators. The more we can promote and encourage a serious level of debate, the less attractive this site will be to those who just want to indulge in personal invective.
I am going to say this about monitering language, and I am going to say this in language that I would have said in other subjects. It is total BULLSHIT. I do curb my language when it comes to things like the n-word because that does have unwarranted impact. But if you don't like the seven dirty words. Go back and be like the christians that don't use critical thinking.

Sorry Spoonbender, you are being prude.
Well since so many people posted, I'll share some of what I would expect from 2009 wihtout reading the whole topic:

- Global Increase of Nonbelievers all around the world. Mainly because of wars going on based on religion and because of growing fundamentalism all over the world.

- We could accomplish an International Atheist Meeting, perhaps, to discuss how nonbelieving is been accepted all over the world and discuss philosophy.
Dunno if these have been suggested yet. I'm not gonna go through every page.

I would love a redesign of the site maybe? Maybe just a much cleaner look. Maybe 'more professional' would be the words I'm looking for? Not ragging on the current look. There is always room for improvement.

Maybe AN ads on other sites? Dunno if there already are some.

Or are we talking non-site achivements? How about "In God We Trust" off our money?
The site is currently being redsigned Patch. I've had a 'sneak preview' and it looks amazing and, as you suggested 'much cleaner' and 'more professional'. Not sure when it will be launched, but I don't think it's too far off.
I like it light and simple. I don't need crap that looks pretty and just chews up your bandwidth to no net benefit. Like mobile phones - 90% of whats on them is garbage you don't need.
If you use Firefox, get Flash Killer. You don't need to see any crap unless you specifically want to.
I assure you both that the new layout will be much simpler and use even less bandwidth than we do now.
Really now? How many theists does one need to kill to get said 'sneak preview'? I wanna see!
You don't need to kill any theists. You just have to bonk Brother Richard. ;-)
Oh... Well I already killed 10... Brother Richard? Could we maybe get a screen shot or something to tease us all?
Is bonking the same as boinking?




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