Even thou A|N is less then a year old, we are already making an impact in the realm of unbelief. As we approach the new year, I can't help but think (and dream) of what we collectively could accomplish in 2009.

Let's brainstorm. What are your ideas? What would you like to see us achieve this year?

Also, this shouldn't be a place to poo-poo other's ideas. Let's just dream unencumbered, and then worry about the details once we get some decent ideas.

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Why? I finding that lusting after ageing, atheistic old men is rather satisfying. :-)
Me too, Kristy...the older and more atheistic, the better.
Yeah, the old ones can't run as fast. ;-)
And they're SO grateful!
People keep posting about this rally, but no-one's given ANY information about it yet. There's just no point in saying Rally on July 4th, Washington DC. Who is organizing it, who does one contact about it, what's it about, how do you register, where are people meeting, what time???????? Rather important details if you're trying to encourage people to attend!
Okay, I know I am new to this site, young, and inexperienced on certain topics, so if my idea seems weird, I apologize.

My idea is called PASS the Knowledge. (came to me while picking up yet another crappy "Where are you going when you die" pamphlet.)

Pass the knowledge is the idea facts can be passed to one another consciously without pressing a life stance. (possible?)

It's you giving twice. You're giving a bus, train, trolley, coffee, food, etc pass and with it one fact that is backed up by evidence via internet. The fact has to be true to everyone, and something that would help, and in terms everyone can understand. My examples:Giving a homeless man a card that has a mc' ds coupon and a fact on how to stay warm, or giving facts about the laws concerning mothers, singles, couples, etc. A way to learn and have something learned from you. Facts could be checked online, and people could come here or to another site were knowledgeable people could prove/ disprove, opening up discussion.

Please give me feedback on this idea, I have it written out in better detail and there are instructions on how to make a PASS the Knowledge Card if anyone is interested or has an idea to make this one better.
My Card
Would this be a card with some sort of org name and logo like Atheist Nexus? I like the concept. Dropping a few cards here and there for someone to pick up could come across as tacky, but I could see including a humanitarian side added to the scheme being worthwhile as you mentioned in your example. So far I like it. Do you think that corporate sponsors could be interested?
Corps may be interested, but it's the people who actually care what the people know that I wanted to do this project. r Doctors, lawyers, mothers who have gone through problems with picking child medicine. And they are not flyers. The bus( etc) pass is of value, and therefore it will mean more to a person if it is given to them. Especially in urban areas where poverty has been doubled by the weakened economy. As far as a org name, it's a name of a group, and people would feel like they were being solicited to. Maybe it could have a project name which belongs to the org?
How would you see this idea connect with A|N?
Like I said before, maybe we could have a place on the site to prove or disprove facts people receive. Getting the community involved in insuring people know the facts. If you can see some greater good in using A|N logo and and promoting that way, do it. The making of the card itself was meant to be a a more personal project, a way of doing something for people in general without pressing life stances. I suppose it could be used to promote the site in some weird way too. I'm open to ideas.
I like your idea, but saw this blog as discussion as one that revolved around both the sun and the site.

Enjoy your idea and make it so.




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