I notice with amusement that the atheist nexus website often displays muslim matrimonials ads by google, which might not have much luck with all the atheists here but seems incongruous for an non-theist advocating website.    Is the hope that there might be a few masochistic 'outreach' atheists who might try to date muslims/christians with missionary zeal?    Or is it just a necessary evil to pay for the running costs for the site?   
If the athiest bus campaign was blocked in Australia by those with religious sensibilities should the Atheist Nexus extend the same courtesy to faith-advocating advertisers, or would that run the risk of making us as bad as them?
Just thought I'd see if anyone else noticed this and had thoughts they'd like to share.

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Nexus doesn't have any control over what Google ads appear, as far as I know.
I usually ignore the ads but now I'm going to be looking ;)
Check out what Brother Richard has to say on the ads: http://www.atheistnexus.org/forum/topics/questions-about-the-strange

It may seem incongruous at times, though it doesn't bother me too much. What was your opinion of the decision in Australia to ban the bus ads? Many people thought it was unjust reactionary censorship - though if you do subscribe to that viewpoint, how can you then justify censoring advertising in another forum?

Of course, when your website does position itself as one that does not welcome theists (as there are plenty of other websites where they are catered for and where they can cut and paste scripture to sabotage discussions to their hearts' content), there is more justification for blocking advertisements when they appear to be at odds with the 'mission statement' of the site. But as Brother Richard points out, as and when one advertiser is blocked, plenty of others will emerge to fill the void.

They pay for these adverts so more fool them. I doubt they're winning over any converts but their money is being placed in wiser hands to help fund our forums here. So it's fair enough by me.
I generally agree with the idea not to censor or block faithy type ads since atheists are likely to be immune from seduction by a site offering religious partners, and also since it helps to waste the advertising funds of religion-advocating websites. Maybe their website should be nominated for an advertisers 'Darwin award' of some type?
What we got rid of Sarah Palin ones already?
Say it enough and she will comeback and we can stare at her instead.
Sarah Palin? Like the lisp version of the song goes: "Nithe legth, shame about the faith".
I love my adblock plus addon for firefox :D no ads ever. I strongly recommend it.
Just loaded it myself - we'll see how it works!


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