Yes,it's happening. I've got 2 e mails this morning from a member of AN and they are spam. here is one.

 I have marked them as such  and will make sure NO mail comes to me from AN in the future.


Windows users,do not click this link. WOT gives it a very bad rating and there could be shitware on the site,I would not know as I run Ubuntu Linux.


A message from Jenifer Hagge to all members of No Nonsense on Atheist Nexus!

These coupons save me money while I’m eating good!



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That person has already been banned.

FYI: When a spammer gets past our walls, we ban them as soon as they are reported to us. This is why they don't show up in member searches. They are already gone.

In the future, remember to use the "Report an Issue" link at the bottom of every page.


We've had a recent run of spammers saying "I want to meet you" (read: I want to scam you) lately as well. I turn them in as soon as I see them.


Why people have no better things to do than this crap is way beyond me...

Lots of people just want an easy buck.  If you get a 1 in 500 response off using bots, you have made a gain.  Funny thing is, I think the response rate is much smaller than that.  Don't you just love stupid and lazy people. ;)

Why people have no better things to do than this crap is way beyond me...


 I have no clue...And why they think anyone would want to buy their stuff!?

yea me too some girl tried to get me to pay her and says that is "god's will" what a loser
My email account got spammed once and sent scam emails to everyone in my address book. I'm glad that I don't have anyone on AN in my address book! I like this site.

Yes, I got a spam message too but for all we know the spammer is a one-legged, Atheist single mother trying to pay for her quadruplets private education.

Still, rules are rules !


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