A childs personality with all its complexities is basically set by age five. Christian mommies and daddies plant that seed of an allmighty very early. Please recognize that and move on and embrace your freedom from this mindless nonsense and cherish this incredible feat of nature that is your existence.  There is nothing there to get you if you are bad and no matter how hard you ask favors from a deity with your inner voice no magic will happen. However you can look at that tree you walk past everyday and never noticed and be astonished at its beauty. Do you ever look at the world we inhabit? I mean really look at it. Do you have a houseplant? Is it an accessory that you use or do you cherish the force that it is it's life. Do you help it flourish and thrive or do you just toss it if it wilts. That ignored tree will grant you more wishes than any deity. All that god dribble is a manufactured social necessity for the stupid. The stupid take a piss behind that tree. 

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Do you not believe what you are saying?  Stating it is impossible to know if a god exists is a belief on your part, not a non-belief.

"Stating it is impossible to know if a god exists is a belief on your part, not a non-belief."

Where did I say this?

Please, cite when you reply, the whole straw man thing is bad enough when theists do it… y'know?

It is meaningless that you can't prove that.  No need to prove or disprove a negative.  Can you prove that Santa. the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny don't exist.  Do you claim it is possible for them to also exist in the fabled form? 

If you feel you can prove the latter three don't exist, apply your same logic and deduction to god figments.  If not, then explain how that they can exist.

If you'd actually cite, I'd know what you were addressing.

- I don't think you grasp the fundamentals of scientific or philosophical burden of proof, or T.H. Huxley's idea of evidence, re: agnosticism.

But, we should all be glad he existed (whether understood or not), he was after all, "Darwin's Bulldog".

Either way, I'll leave this gloriously redundant thread, I gotta' get some shut-eye. Big atheist festival to attend tomorrow.

Either way, I won't be back, walls are to hang art on, …not to argue with.


You forgot to cite.  Typically, you fail to hold yourself accountable to your judgements and standards you request of others.

I'd apply Huxley's quote right back.  Good luck on understanding Huxley some day.

Have fun at the festival.  Hope you can find some art and can start to hang it on some walls.

"Where did I say this?"   

You have totally ignored every question regarding your identity and positions.  Are you now trying to say you are not an atheist agnostic? Even tho you have been vehemently arguing that position.  Seemed obvious and understood.  Correct me if you are not an atheist agnostic.

Ok, are you an agnostic atheist???  Or more specific, do you think there is any relevant effect or necessity to stating you don't know that god does not exist?

Yet, I don't expect you to break character and stop avoiding w/ spam diversion and red herring.  Try to think the next time before you decide to instigate your "rubbish" attack and think that is art.


"A childs personality with all its complexities is basically set by age five."

This was debunked decades ago, BTW, …just sayin'

That's debatable.  The Catholics disagree w/ you on that one.

Neurologists wouldn't.

…Are you Catholic? re: "That's debatable."

You don't need to be Catholic to describe them.

Are you a neurologist?  re: "Neurologists wouldn't".

Are you a fundamentalist christian?  The fashion in which you attempt to argue reminds me of one.




Finally, a response not filled entirely w/ nonsensical babble.


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