Atheist nexus now #1 google search with term: homo "phobia" atheist. Congrats! The #1 atheist antigay soapbox!

Congratulations Atheist Nexus!  This site is now the #1 soapbox for antigay bigoted atheist retoric!


google search result:


Despite violating terms of service, Charlie CHeck'n now has a thread with 199 responses.  What a star!


Try placing any other group into this sentence, and think of whether moderaters will allow it:


"_______" are disgusting.  Disgust of "______" is good.


let see.....




"you list the ethnic category"



maybe even



I suspect it's not homophobia or even ignorance on the part of the moderators.  I suspect it's that there is no-one there.  I've clicked on "report this issue", as has at least one other member.  I've also sent an email to the "community moderator".  NO response.


Pathetic.  This site used to mean something.  Congrats Atheist Nexus.  I used to be a great supporter of this site.  Now your Charlie Check'm little butt buddy.


I've removed a sincerely written, heartfelt, long-featured forum topic on why you should support Atheist Nexus.  It no longer applies.



Update for anyone reading this:  Charlie Check'm (or his clone) have been removed, and the offending post with him.  I've left this post in place because others have commented in the past that it's frustrating to have posts disappear,  but I hope that now we can move on.  Much appreciation to all the support and efforts that everyone made at resolving the situation.  Thanks to all.

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So the thread itself is against the rules?

Terms of service...


"You agree that you will not post, email or make available any content or use this Network:":...   "in a manner that is hateful or discriminatory based on race, color, sex, religion, nationality, ethnic or national origin, marital status, disability, sexual orientation or age or is otherwise objectionable;"



Well, TruthBeTold ... I dunno, what else is there to say?
In fact, he was kicked off at least twice and the ban was supposedly permanent.  And thank you for your comment.

Then why the hell is he still here? It's obvious that he is mentally unstable. I should have known it was him....I just should have...

u ne

I knew Charlie Check'm was a bit of a jerk after he went all insane on my friend Infidel Guy(where the hell is he when you need him...)and was harrassing folks(if I am correct).


He was spouting that and how fat people should die etc etc. He seriously is deluded and thinks that women should be there just for him, and they must look a certain way...and that gay men are a "danger"....danger to what I say...


That being said, Sentient, don't leave because of that d-bag. We need stable, rational people here to help the little baby atheists(that's me) along. 


That and you post a lot of interesting things, so I'm a fan...

So basically he was just like WBC, only atheist.
Thank you.  Mutual, too.

What!  Ning says we can't say hateful things based on religion?  They'd have to shut Atheist Nexus down.  I agree that what Charlie Check'm said was filled with bile and BS, but it seemed that others immediately told him we disagree and that his rant was insulting, paranoid, stupid, and irrational.

Stay Sentient Biped!

Charlie, or whoever that was, has now been banned.

Everyone, please understand, we are not omniscient. No action can be taken against a member unless they are reported to us. The bottom of every page of Nexus has a "report an issue" link. If you don't use it, we can't act.

Something's wrong then. Two people said they reported him, and I didn't get either email. I need to check it out.


Thanks everyone!

"google search result:"

That thread has been deleted, it is available for the time being in google's cache
You are absolutely right, Sentient, that ____________ are disgusting, therefore hate of ___________ is good can apply to anything. He's also said that he's a black man. Unfortunately, being part of a group that experiences prejudice doesn't give some people the slightest pause from discriminating against another group of people.




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