I'm going to go out on a limb, hoping that, perhaps, my friends will help me make my point, or at least,... straighten me out! I normally find that Atheist Nexus members are caring, concerned, and really, down to earth. Good people, for sure. I may be a little agnostic when it comes to some of the rest of the "total atheist package". OK,.. "we" do not believe in gods, a god, or supreme beings of any kind,...right? I agree, however, I could be guilty of agnosticism when our stance includes other aspects that I or even some of my "counterparts" make claims to, as if these were "mine", or even, all of "our" thoughts. I don't care to piss anyone off,.. not even believers, even though I realize that religions would consider it a victory for there not to be unity among atheist, yet, I did make a conscience decision not to join "The Friendly Atheist", thereby coming to Atheist Nexus for a similar reason, that being, Atheist Nexus is more diverse, whereas, it seemed as though the former said site offered way too much God damned controversial reasoning, running it into the ground, arguing it to death, over and over,.. no god, no god, there is no god,...I am like,... OK, I get the fucking point, and, Christians,... are stupid shits !! So fucking what,..Bore-ring,..../Now we,.. got Trekkies,.....yeah. You can't beat "smart stuff "discussions like this one, great writers, funny shit, serious world events and issues, we've even got NASCAR.... man , "we" got it all !! Then, pray tell, please tell me why do we greet our new members as though we are Atheists"+". In reality,"We", just have a better website, that is to say,...for me . If someone wants to feel superior to others on this planet,... it's okey-dokey with me. I greeted someone today, oops, forgot to mention the line about our other amenities,.. darn ! I simply failed to see what rationality, and, peace, or even, free thinking, for that matter, have in common with not caring to participate with religion. I am not that concerned about how we greet new members, but, if a survey were taken today, I'd bet that many people on this site, might feel misrepresented , especially if they thought about it. My point is terribly simple,.. I know. I just want "my" website, for which I have grown very fond of, to stay fresh, alive, and, I don't care for scripted like lines. We are just people, that's all , just people, no matter what we believe, religion are not , we, as human animals, are not "any better" than anyone/thing else,... we are all merely equal,... in my mind anyway. I, for one want it to stay that way. I only glanced around a bit before composing this masterpiece, as though I was searching for a place to park my car, noticing that many gave a similar warm welcome , repeatedly, a familiar same friendly message, which is cool with me, but, what I was reading was not a welcoming for "my" point of view. The only message I have is,...thanks, enjoy, and, forget about the God bullshit ! Please,.. drive yourself frigging nuts with religion next door. As my friend and mentor, Ruth, was nice enough to quote me as saying when I first arrived at this oasis "if there's nothing to religion,... then why all the discussion". By the way,  I like "The Friendly Atheist". They are really nice folks,...just not my cup of tea. So, better luck next time Mr. Christian Man. All's fine with us Godless freaks, as far as I know.

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Umm.. maybe try some punctuation.

You may have a great point in there somewhere but unless you make it readable it is going to get lost.






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