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This is regularly scheduled maintenance.

The maintenance will start at 10 p.m. Pacific Time and will last for 4 hours. During this time, all Ning Networks will be offline and will display branded maintenance pages. Ongoing updates regarding this maintenance will be available on the Ning Status Blog.

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Ahhh, get thee behind me Thisbe! Like my ancestors, my writing has travelled way off course in the past 12 months!

I have a chapter included in The Australian Book of Atheism which has just been picked up by a major publisher and will be released into Australian bookstores in November.

Assuming my chapter makes the final 'cut' I'm hoping the publisher might be interested in having me develop it into a book. The chapter is about the history of freethought and atheism in Australia.

I've also had a couple of articles published in Atheist Alliance International's "Secular Nation" journal, including "Atheist in Wonderland" which appears in the current issue.

So, you're right, I can probably keep myself amused during the Nexus outage, and that Viking book is still rattling around in my head, but it may be a few years before I get to it.
I will have to observe 4 hours of fasting and prayer!
I note that since the maintenance, the Atheist Nexus symbol is gone from the tabs on my Firefox Browser. Someone drop a stitch somewhere???
I use Chrome. It's still appearing on my tabs.
Confirmed with Chrome, but Firefox still isn't showing them. Odd!
Well, maybe all I needed was a reboot ... 'cuz they're BAAAAAAAAAACK!
I had faith in you, Loren.
You sure it wasn't debauchery, then fornication?


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