Yay!!!!! Atheist Nexus!!!Did ya ever think you would see the day? I sure didn't...not when I live in  a country that has introduced a medievil law making it illegal to hurt someone's feeling by blaspheming or where anti-gay law was recently passed (only country to do so in the last 15 years), where the Catholic Church will, no doubt, get away with the abuse of hundreds of children in their care, where rape victims are denied abortions, where a non-theist can't be President, where the grass is green, the hills and mountain sides are purple with heather, the fields golden with barley and fires fragrant with peat straight from the bog. Yup I live in Ireland. Feel like emigrating so much bloody injustice in this country. Makes me sick. Someone once condescended to tell me "with rights comes responsibilty" She was talking about self censorship, I like to interpret this as with rights comes the responsiblity to protect them! Anyway mustn't grumble too much could be living in Iran or Burma.


So I'm glad to find this lovely place where people obviously have their heads screwed on, hence the big YAAAAY!!!

There's still not many Athiests that have come out in Ireland but numbers are slowly growing. I know a handful of non-believers, so would be nice to meet some local non-god-botherers.


How does everyone use this facility? Want to get the most out of it.


Do I tell ya a bit about myself now?


The short version is I was born Catholic and then baptized into the Mormon faith when I was 8. I'm glad to say  my parents and all bar one brother have now left that faith. This brother doesn't talk to me anymore, not since I became actively involved in promoting non-theist beliefs and rights. He took every comment as a personal attack. CRAZY!!


My heroes include Germaine and Bonnie Greere,Aung San Suu Kyi, the late Benazir Bhutto, Mary Robinson A.C. Grayling, Noam Chomsky, Terry Pratchett, Stephen Fry, Roald Dahl and Brian the Dog.


I think I was probably born a feminist and everything else that followed that didn't fit my innate beliefs was quickly dismissed. I remember one Sunday, at the Mormon Church, being 14 years old and the lesson for the Young Women that day was on how to prepare to be a good mother!!!! I asked where the lesson was on staying in school, getting an education, having a fulfilling career and some god damn self respect...didn't get any answers, nor did I get answers on the churches institutionalised sexism and racism and polygomy not to mention it's questionable history and doctrine. "Lucy Harris...Smart, smart, smart,smart,smart!" So that was it for me. I've studied every single religion since and studied politics and International Relations at uni. A couple of years at uni was all it took for me to move from passive agnosticism to active atheism.  


The end. (oh and I'm living happily ever after!)

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Deadly! Thank you very much.




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