Atheist PAC Launches To Promote Equality For Nonbelievers

Atheist PAC Launches To Promote Equality For Nonbelievers

Time has come to speak up and out about issues that concern us because if we do not, our Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches will remain in the hands of people who believe in god, who believe god loves them and answers prayers, that prayer can stop earthquakes, storms, and climate change. That is non-being sees all the suffering and humiliation taking place on Earth and will answer pleas for help. Show me the evidence! 

Being silent, thinking and acting privately, one person can make a difference. By coming together for a common purpose, discussing, evaluating, planning together, and taking positive action can change what we perceive as needing change.  

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Joan, just an fyi, we've been having this conversation already on this thread:

lots of good suggestion, please feel free to join us and add yours.  




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