Hi all!

I'm Ronni and I'm an Atheistic Pagan (feel free to message me if you have questions as to how I walk that path), I am somewhat in the closet and somewhat not.  I love to write and read, listen to music (mostly atheist rap, contemp. classical and trance/electronica, some world fusion and rock/symphonic metal).  I am bisexual and I am african american. I currently live in TX, but I'm hoping to move to WA and maybe one day Canada with my fiance and my pack (read: poly family). I am bi gendered/ gender fluid and yeah, I hope to make some awesome friends on here!

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Very far out, Ronni!  I'm a 62-year-old bisexual engineer-nutcase, currently semi-involuntarily retired but working on some new and exciting possibilities while enjoying my wife and our four cats (well, three of the four, anyway!).  I love classical, jazz and classic rock and have more recently gotten into the amazing choral work of Eric Whitacre and Morten Lauridsen.

Welcome to the gang!  We're glad you joined us!

Hello and welcome, Ronni.  You sound like a very interesting person.  I'm glad you found this site and hope you get much enjoyment from it as have I.  There are some really great people here and groups to join.  I'm Carl, a gay atheist/secular humanist and lover of music also:  mostly jazz and classical.  I love all the Fine Arts in addition to history and science.  You sound like a 'work in progress' (if you'll permit me to say that) but aren't we all, really?  As long as we don't stop learning, personal change is inevitable.  Again, welcome aboard!   --Carl   

Hi nice to meet you! I hope you enjoy the site.

Welcome! Good to see you in this little corner of sanity!





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