I’m just curious about something. I’m trying to find out if there’s any Atheist Pamphlets I might be able to get hold of somewhere. I’m asking this because ever since I’ve moved into this apartment (3 years ago) the Jehovah Witnesses will make their annual recruiting pilgrimage (about the first week in July). I just figured that if they’re going to give me a “Watchtower” and expect me to read it then it’s only fair that I provide them with something equally informative that they can just as easily toss in the garbage (after
all, that’s what I do with their stuff).

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These might be a bit more sarcastic than you're looking for, but funny nonetheless.


You beat me to it.  That's what I was going to suggest.
They print cute tiny copies of the U.S. Constitution. I forget who they are but you can do an internet search. They are cheap or free.  JWs don't vote or take part in any civic activity, because the government is evil. (We, of course, ARE the government in a democracy) They might take it and secretly read it.  They are discouraged from reading anything but the watchtower.


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