Hey all. I'm a newb here. hmm, a little about myself...I'm in South Dakota (w00t). I'm a relatively young atheist. I've been Roman Catholic for most of my life, I entered seminary and went there for two years. I'd actually never really considered atheism. I was content with Aquinas' 5 ways :p I spent my discerning time in Catholic apologetics apropos other faiths. In other words, I formed many of my beliefs in an epistemically irresponsible fashion. But, anyways I encountered a few well-informed atheists who forced me to truly consider whether my belief in God was justified, and I realized I had no real good reason for my belief. I spent some time delving through theist tracts, and debates (relying heavily on William Craig et al) trying to salvage my "faith". In the end, I came to the sober realization that I was an atheist. It felt good though, I was intellectually healthy, free, and I knew a whole world had been opened up to me. Since then I've devoted most of my free time to studying arguments for and against God, and the relevant subjects needed to understand them. I feel incredibly *behind* and suspect I'll always feel that way, and therefore will continue at this pace of study for many years to come. I don't necessarily take a lot of the arguments seriously but I do find them fascinating. In any case, thanks for the welcomes :) My basic attitude is to live well, love much and laugh often.

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