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So true.

Properly read, the Bible is the most potent force for atheism ever conceived.
-- Isaac Asimov

A.I. and many others were 100% right on that.  It was the Bible that made me atheist too.   That and science.

When the latest crop of young Jehovah's Witlesses showed up here a few weeks ago I thanked them for their pamphlet and told them that I was a lifelong atheist; that they'd be wasting their time and endangering their beliefs trying to 'save' me, but that I welcomed their discussion.  The now visibly nervous young man responded that they were just promoting Bible study.  I replied, "A worthy goal!  It was Bible study that confirmed my atheism."  They haven't been back.  They're usually on a two week cycle, and I may have messed that up for them.


Gives one to wonder if they're now puzzling over what YOU have read that they HAVEN'T ... presuming they're willing to question that far.

Ted, strong work!  In a few years, they'll be at your door in jeans and t shirts, thanking you for showing them the light.  Or not.

What a cute pig. And so smart, too.


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