Hi everyone,

I think it says something that the number one app in the iTunes app store in 
book category is an atheistic one, the Atheist Pocket Debater. 

SInce the front page New York TImes article  ("you say God is dead", July 3rd), I have 
received countless letters of people, thanking me for creating this app.  Many very personal touching testimonials, a few I have placed on the web-site (www.iFreethinker.com )

I will be attending the Amazing Meeting in Vegas this Thur-Sun.  Anyone going 
from here? It's going to be a fantastic convention; Paul Kurtz, Richard Dawkins, Shermer, Phil Plait to name a few..


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I wish I was attending TAM 8! Maybe next year.
Wheres the Droid version? ;-)
Or the Windows version? How about one for the PC? I'd like to see it but I don't even have itunes installed on my PC. Not a fan of Apple. But your app sounds like an interesting read.
Android is something I am considering. However, it is not cheap to make it - totally different platform than Apple. I plan to watch Android app growth rate over next 2 months, and then we will see. Thanks!
Android has taken the lead in smartphone market share. I just bought a new one. I cast my vote for an Android version.
lol, from an article. Counter attack! lol...

To counter the debater’s popularity, some evangelicals are suggesting another religious app., “The Apologetics Study Bible for Students” app.
TAM 8 was GREAT! Whew, but the hangover could last a week.. What a diverse community of logical, fun people there was from all over the country, and the world! [:^)
Is there a Blackberry version in the works?
I also have an android as it is a much stabler system than apple. Please make an android version, as you will be missing out on a large component of savvy and smart buyers if you don't. Thanks.




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