The number of atheists world-wide is growing but yet I have not heard of any person serving in a major political office and openly atheist. Does anyone know of any openly atheist politicians? Isn’t it about time we see more?

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Wow - I didn't realize that we really do have U.S. politicians in high offices who are atheists. There's hope yet!
"Wow - I didn't realize that we really do have U.S. politicians in high offices who are atheists. There's hope yet!"

Non sequitor

Someone once said "it makes no difference for whom you vote;you still end up with a politician"

The term 'atheist politician' implies nothing about ability or character and allows no inferences to be drawn..
Some day, declaring oneself to be atheist while running for public office could be seen as a great opportunity much like when the opportunists of today run on a green-friendly campaign but ten years ago advocated nuclear energy plants. Did these civic-minded men and women evolve? Oh, sure, some did, and some are still full of shit.
My stupid computer locked up a few hours ago, and I walked away in disgust before I finished editing my comments.

Bernie Sanders hasn't stated he's an atheist, but many seem to think he is.

Stalin, Lenin, and Trotsky were all atheists.

Janet Jagen, former President, and then Prime Minister of Guyana.

Jawaharlal Nehru, first Prime Minister of India.
It seems like the best place to start working on increasing the role of atheists in politics would be in local elections. In the American bible belt where I live, this would be futile. But in the more civilized parts of the U.S., I suspect that this could be accomplished.
I agree. Being from SOuth Carolina I can tell you that it is suicide to run for any office as an atheist. Tha't too bad too, because there are alot of great South Carolina atheists that would make great elected leaders.
I know. I've be trying to change force SC to change this for the longest but I haven’t had any luck yet!
Unfortunately so.
And if I'm not mistaken, there's some civil war treaty/document that SC never signed, meaning they never officially surrendered, meaning that technically we are still at war with SC.

that's funny
Excellent! Does that mean I get to take any tourons from SC prisoner, and take their car, credit cards, etc... as spoils of war?




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