The number of atheists world-wide is growing but yet I have not heard of any person serving in a major political office and openly atheist. Does anyone know of any openly atheist politicians? Isn’t it about time we see more?

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Wow. But that's probably an unwritten law here in my country. XD
hahahaha! I suspect chip stealers suffer severe penalties.
Australia has many atheists politicians and has had, in the past, a number of openly agnostic/atheist Prime Ministers. Some of our founding fathers were atheists and one early Prime Minister, Alfred Deakin, was a spiritualist. Edmund Barton, our first prime minister was, most likely, an atheist, as was John Curtin. Prime Ministers Gough Whitlam and Bob Hawke (1970s and 1980s) were also atheists, but Hawke referred to himself as an 'agnostic' while he was in office. Governor-General and former leader of the Australian Labor Party, Bill Haydn was an atheist, and another former Labor Party leader, Mark Latham was also an atheist.

The current Premier of Queensland (leader of the State Government) is Anna Bligh - both a woman and an atheist, as is Carmen Lawrence who was the first female state premier in Australia.

Several leaders of the now defunct Australian Democrats were atheists, as are many of the politicians and the current leader of the Greens Party, Bob Brown who is also gay.
I suspect if different political groups, like the Greens were listed, the US would come up with a few more atheist politicians. However, we've not had any atheist or agnostic presidents yet. That's très cool!
Michelle BACHELET Jeria President of Chile is an atheist.




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