The word may seem childish, but I think it's appropriate. Chances are, most of us with atheist connections know at least one "poser", who seems to call themself atheist just to be edgy, contrary, and different.

This happens in theism too, and has a lot to do with how people want to identify themselves (rather than what sounds the most logical, unfortunately). For us atheists, these "fad" atheists are not helpful. They're uninformed, crude, angry, uninformed, antisocial, and uninformed.

And when you grow up in a religious area, as many of us had, people are not prepared to accept our atheism. The other day my mom informed me that I merely believed what my brothers believed because I wanted to fit in with them. The joke is on you, Mom! They still don't like me!

So it raises two questions: What is your reaction to atheist posers?
What do you do when someone thinks your beliefs cannot possibly be grounded in fact?

I once watched a self-proclaimed atheist argue on the bus. I did believe he was an atheist, but his only real argument was something about there being no horses in the Book of Mormon time/place. This basically ends with him being somewhat outcasted, his friends being firmer in their own beliefs, and likely a rocky religious/nonreligious road for this young man. I didn't say anything, perhaps I should have. I'm hoping I made up for it-- when my own friend found out about my atheism, I knew she would bring it up. Therefore, I tried to sit in a place where this kid could hear the discussion. Low and behold, she did, and we had a friendly debate which went well. I have no idea whether he was listening, but I hope so.

I'm confident in my beliefs so it doesn't worry me that much, I just do my best to prove that I'm kind, intelligent, and know what I'm talking about. What are your experiences? I'm curious to hear. Atheism is so diverse, with only one real thing in common, so you can't always tell what your relationship with another atheist is going to be. Any really bad atheists out there? Story time!! :D

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To me they're just as bad as those pesky theists playing the "I once was an atheist too" card. That is, I'd love to beat them up with a book of my choosing. The thicker the better. The telephone directory works too.
Wow, do people really go from logical and rational, back to religion?
Why would anyone do such a dumb thing?
because they get scared, it is like losing your security blanket.
ah yes you are right, I see what you mean Dale
Beats me. I can't even begin to imagine such a transition. It would take an awful amount of will to turn away from reality, once you've come to accept it.
Exactly Fabio, I mean I was raised Christian, thought it was total bull from a young age, became a pagan, and realized that was bull too....I cannot imagine ever going back. I wouldn't have thought it would be possible to shove your head so far up your ass. I mean, I guess paganism was a security blanket for me, I thought you had to believe in something. And I do so love Halloween (because the Christians get so up in arms over it). Then I realized what do you have to believe for? What is the purpose? If you can't see it, smell it, touch it, taste it, or prove it; it cannot logically exist.
This mostly makes me think of teenagers angry at religion or other things, or wanting to feel like they're radical or intellectual. Not that I'm saying all teenage atheists are like this. And a lot of people go through phases like this.
I do nothing. What would be the point? I just believe in simplifying my life and trying to debate/argue with people or call them out is a waste of time and energy.
We grew up in very different environments, my parent's house is a couple miles, maybe less form DePaul University, which is very catholic. A good percentage of the students were <21, meaning that they couldn't hang out in any of the good places, so they were stuck hanging out with us heathen high school kids.

Being in high school, we mocked the good catholic co-eds without mercy,and so as not to be the blunt of the kiddies who couldn't legally drive let alone drink, they lied :D :D :D

My parents forced me to go to DePaul! Religion is bullshit! The comedy of it all, they tried so hard to play the "urban hipster" card, but most failed miserably, almost as bad as those very white,conservative rappers.
I think a lot of what creates "posers" is the attempt at rebelling against the "system". I can't believe that I am actually mentioning that, but it seems to fit. They try to piece together any logical argument to help them out. The only thing that I can hope for is that their energy eventually gets put to good use and they pick up the book that Fabio beats them with and actually read it. I think a good first year university science text would work, any of them really. They are all huge and hard covered. I will even lend some of mine to the cause. Then hit them with a religious text while you are at it and tell them to compare. It might enlighten them a little.
Love the idea *thumb up*
This is an extremely good point. Most Bibles I've seen are leather-bound, leather being a soft and yielding material, and the super thin paper... Yes, they will know the swift hand of science!


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