Ok, so I need to admit right off the bat that I am the creator of everything I am posting below and yes, I am attempting to spread the word about my pet project.  That being said, I really would like a legitimate discussion about what it would take for a real live atheist to be elected President of the United States of America.

I have created a fictional campaign, complete with a fictional political party for her to run under.  But what I am presenting as fiction, I seriously want to see happen in reality.  We really need to stand up and insist that our elected officials vote based on the constitution and not on religious dogma.

So, here I present to you my choice for President of the United States of America in 2012...Bambi Ballass.

God Hates Bambi

Bambi for President official campaign site

The National Reality Party

Official campaign video

And if you have not done so yet today, for the love of all that is democratic, please exercise your constitutional right to vote before the polls close in your area. We can change nothing if we do nothing.

Michael Brinkley

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good idea!!!!
but why call the candidate Bambi, was their father shoot by an angry theist with a gun or something???
LOL, no. Bambi has been the name of the cartoon character for several weeks. Her name, and the name of the comic, are from the first two days the comic existed. Her name was part of the joke. If you are interested, you can find the comic at http://www.godhatesbambi.com.
I'm amused by the comic, and I adore that police officer. XD

I'd like to see one on the arguments from prolifers that abortion leads to suicide, rather than the harassment from pro-lifers doing so. >.>
Oh! I like that idea. I will have to work on it. Thanks. :-)
But where are you going to find an atheist who is willing to lie and manipulate like a sociopath to gain the power needed? D;
I think the real question is; were are we going to find voters willing to listen to reason and vote with logic?
Other countries. .___.
Sadly, you are correct.




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