Atheists are a small minority in the U.S.  Advocates of gun control might be a minority in America as well. In light of the recent shootings in Aurora I am curious as to how atheists in this network view the lack of gun restrictions.  There are probably divergent views.

I have trouble believing that both presidential candidates are steering away from any call for reform after the horrific mass shooting. In my opinion it is insane to allow citizens access to assault weapons that can kill scores of people in a few minutes.  It was even more shocking to hear on a news show that a family had to raise money to pay for the immense hospital bills for one of the victims while they were already crippled with medical bills from the mothers fight with breast cancer.

As a Canadian I came to stand with my U.S brothers for the reason rally and freedom from religion.  I would be willing to come down to the capitol and march for two other important causes.  Gun control and universal health care.

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Thanks; it was an informative read!

Thanks, Jack.  It was informative, but logical.  The more guns around, the more deaths by guns.  But with all that's being said, there is one point that no one has made yet.  Some people need guns for protection from wild life.  Most people in the cities don't realize what goes on in the country, and so they are ready to outlaw guns. The people in the country need guns for protection from the wild life.  My wife and I live five miles out of town in the foothills of the Cascades.  Our neighborhood is completely sourrounded by commercial timber lands.  We've lived here for 26 years. During that time, a neighbor's cow and her calf were killed by a cougar.  A mama bear, and her two cubs, (dagerous as hell) came up on the property next to ours.  (That's within 300 feet of our house.)  A bobcat came wandering down our driveway, and coyotes have a trail that goes directly under our bedroom window.  Another cougar was seen by another neighbor this past spring. 

Maybe we can make laws depending on where you live.  I doubt if that would pass any congress, but I'm not willing to give up my security because the people in the city don't know how to handle themselves.

I totally get needing a hunting rifle or something for protection in places like that. But I don't think guns need to be totally outlawed. Just have background checks and licenses (like you need to drive a car...) and don't sell assault weapons. Stuff like that.

The New York Times reports on Senate GOP inaction:

The Senate on Monday [June 20, 2016] failed to advance four separate measures aimed at curbing gun sales, the latest display of congressional inaction after a mass shooting.

Eight days after a gunman claiming allegiance to the Islamic State killed 49 people in an Orlando nightclub, the Senate deadlocked, largely along party lines, on amendments to block people on the federal terrorism watch list from buying guns and to close loopholes in background check laws. Families of gun violence victims looked on from the Senate chamber as the votes were held.

Further action on gun safety measures or mental health provisions seemed unlikely before the fall election, given the rush to finish a series of spending bills and the relatively limited time that Congress will be in session before November.


Partisanship and the power of the gun lobby played a large role in the amendments’ failure. Democrats structured their bills in a way that was almost certain to repel Republicans, while Republicans responded with bills equally distasteful to Democrats.

This whole thing disgusts me. It's so predictable what is going to happen. The Senate will continue to fight about this until Americans focus on other pressing issues and start to forget about what happened until it happens again and we will be in the same place we started because our Senate lacks diplomacy skills. So frustrating to know which steps need to be taken so we are at least heading in the right direction, but instead, I myself, feel helpless. Really sucks. . . 

Alexandra, my 12 years in Catholic schools persuaded me that one of that religion's successes is producing adults who feel helpless. It may be true of other religions too.
My parents' requiring their five kids to do quality work partly subverted the Church's efforts. I learned my own power when I took up public speaking and became politically active.

I have a stutter but have been wanting to take a course in public speaking and become more politically active actually. I guess there is power in numbers and that feeling of helplessness subsides. Thank you Tom for the encouraging words.

And the senators' votes were almost completely along party lines!

Yet some people insist that our two major political parties are "exactly the same"....

Democratic Senator says the NRA won again.

No, Russ, the Republicans won.  And most of them feel the same as the NRA members.

Well, grinning cat, if everyone thought the same way, we wouldn't need any parties at all, would we?  It makes sense that they would vote along party lines.  The Republicans are conservative, and want to keelp things the way they are.  (Citizens can arm themselves.)  The Democrats are more liberal, and want to take everyone's arms away.  I think they got that idea from Russell Pangborn.




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