Atheists are a small minority in the U.S.  Advocates of gun control might be a minority in America as well. In light of the recent shootings in Aurora I am curious as to how atheists in this network view the lack of gun restrictions.  There are probably divergent views.

I have trouble believing that both presidential candidates are steering away from any call for reform after the horrific mass shooting. In my opinion it is insane to allow citizens access to assault weapons that can kill scores of people in a few minutes.  It was even more shocking to hear on a news show that a family had to raise money to pay for the immense hospital bills for one of the victims while they were already crippled with medical bills from the mothers fight with breast cancer.

As a Canadian I came to stand with my U.S brothers for the reason rally and freedom from religion.  I would be willing to come down to the capitol and march for two other important causes.  Gun control and universal health care.

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I faced a similar dilemma when it was time for my children to go to kindergarten and first grade. I looked into both schools, talked to teachers, looked at the curricula and realized the private school had better-trained teachers, more explicit goals of what they wanted the students to learn, and smaller class sizes. I decided to put my children in the public school and work with the principle and teachers to set goals for my children, and I volunteered to tutor. 

It only took one year to realize that my children were not getting the kind of education I wanted for them. I wanted them to have the opportunity to write and compose prose and poems, as well as get more access to choices of music, arts, sports, and a stronger emphasis on arithmetic/math. I placed them in a private school. 

The third year, it was up to each child which school they wanted to attend, and all three chose the private school, even though they had harder classes in the academics, they also had better choices for liberal arts. 

When we moved to Spokane, they were ten years old, I was on a limited budget and could not afford private school. They went to public schools, and I took an active part in their education. 


I wish the maps used more shades of blue and red, to show the difference between slight, moderate, and overwhelming preference for Clinton or tRump among the different groups -- 51%-49% is very different from 95%-5%! -- and that they were cartograms where the size of a state is proportional to its population. (Our system is supposedly "one person, one vote", not "one acre, one vote". And it's not directly "one dollar, one vote", much as the Koch brothers and others would love that!)

Here's an example of a cartogram showing county-level presidential votes in 2016:

Image source: Maps of the 2016 US presidential election results (Mark Newman)

(On race, see Ta-Nehisi Coates' powerful essay "America's First White President" in The Atlantic. Some quotes and discussion in Politics, Economics, and Religion)

And now, almost unbelievably, the NRA agrees with some GOP congresspeople that bump-stocks may need to be "regulated."  Meanwhile, here I am, watching all this and saying, "'Regulated?!?'  What's wrong with BANNING THEM OUTRIGHT???"

I agree. Although I know they are not equivalent, I have been flabbergasted at Trump voter logic on other issues just as I am dumbfounded on the logic on some gun topics like bump-stocks.

The NRA admitting that bump stocks may need to be "regulated" sure looks to me like both

(1) damage control, hoping to paint the NRA as "not really" coldhearted lobbyists, and hoping to blunt calls for a ban, and

(2) a demonstration that the Overton window can sometimes move in the right direction.


The Overton Window will have moved far enough in the direction of common sense gun control when:





1) Americans have sufficient evidence that criminals (aka free enterprise extremists) no longer have access to guns.

2) After a mass shooting, thousands of Americans don't buy guns.
3) After liberal politians talk about common sense gun control, thousands of Americans don't buy guns.

Are the cartridges available? I don't have to buy a gun. I can make a simple one out of pipe and stuff. It's not a machine gun but it will get the job done. My pipe gun will be invisible like I'm carrying a newspaper or something. One shot and I am done and gone.

Michael, weren't you a few months ago committed to using baseball bats? Did they fail the test?

I have a baseball bat and a wonderful golf club. The bat will hurt you but the golf club will kill you.  Of course, so will my gun. It depends on how an invasion setup would go down. All I have to do is claim Ii was in fear for my life.

The post you are replying to is me saying I can make a simple single shot gun of any caliber out of scrap pipe. All you really need is the ammo.




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