Atheists are a small minority in the U.S.  Advocates of gun control might be a minority in America as well. In light of the recent shootings in Aurora I am curious as to how atheists in this network view the lack of gun restrictions.  There are probably divergent views.

I have trouble believing that both presidential candidates are steering away from any call for reform after the horrific mass shooting. In my opinion it is insane to allow citizens access to assault weapons that can kill scores of people in a few minutes.  It was even more shocking to hear on a news show that a family had to raise money to pay for the immense hospital bills for one of the victims while they were already crippled with medical bills from the mothers fight with breast cancer.

As a Canadian I came to stand with my U.S brothers for the reason rally and freedom from religion.  I would be willing to come down to the capitol and march for two other important causes.  Gun control and universal health care.

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 Bertold, these numbers slam through my body like shotgun blasts, raising to new heights feelings of being unsafe, insecure, and unstable with no remedy through an uninspiring president, a hamstrung legislature, and a judicial system as wacky as the rest of our government. 

Working in the education of the poor my entire adult life reveals that I should have been working with those who vote and those who ask for our votes. 

  • 50 percent of the public now calls gun violence a very serious problem;  
  • 56 percent say it’s possible to pass new gun laws without violating the Second Amendment, 
  • 40 percent now think passing new gun laws is politically possible.

What will it take to get 100% of the public to call gun violence a momentous problem; 

100% of the executive to declare it is necessary to pass new gun laws;

100% of the legislature to declare it is necessary to pass new gun laws;

100% of the judicial system to uphold new gun laws?

One of the arguments about guns is that people need to study and demonstrate competence before being allowed to operate a vehicle. Why not require something similar to a driver's license for guns?

This video shows how inept people can be with guns with regards to their own safety - some of these are tough to watch - especially the last one. How not to handle a lethal weapon.

If I may,

I'm going to jump on corprial punishment.

I heard some religiounist  biggots and  extreemists say that the best way to control the grandchidren was to whip them into behavior.   The people who said that wrere  of the christian faith.

Those  MF's were no different that ISIS with their nonsense religious beliefs.

If you don't know how much that goes on here in North America  and or oter areas you are a fool.

I'm going to jump the gun.

Man how many foster kids are held up in religious housholds?

Imagine being a foster kid suddenly heals as a Seventh Day Adventist, Mormon, or whatever other religiounious orginazination holding them.

That is whrere I become upset.

In my humble opinion gun control is nothing . 

Some of the kooks I read and hear about think Guns protect  the liberty to prosleteritize.

It couln't get any more corrupt than that..

Russell, you are passing satire — the NRA Pipe Bomb story — along as reality.

Click on the link and this time read the banner on the page. It’s a “satirical blog serving western Pennsylvania”.

The NRA scrapes the bottom of the barrel but that’s no reason to dig a hole UNDER the barrel.

I knew it was satire. Disappointed that you assumed I did not. I always research what I post, but did not research this one because I knew this was satire and thought all the deep thinking individuals in this forum would know it was satire.

Be more than disappointed, Russell. Or not at all, if you like.

Say I’m a shallow thinker or say I don’t think at all, but your post as it stands is a lie. Further, your saying you knew it was satire is self-serving enough to be doubted.

People with but one issue act on impulse-without thinking. Do you have more than the one issue you post on here?

Yes the banner says that was a satirical article. I figured everyone knew that from the ridiculousness of the piece and from the title banner.

In addition to logic, attitude is an important component of how discussions go.

Your post was a gotcha where there wasn't a gotcha. So I reacted to that. That is like a Canadian hockey game where the guy reacting to a penalty that wasn't seen by the ref does something that gets seen by the ref and gets the penalty. You trip me, and I shove you and I'm in the penalty box.  Actually my shove did not have you in mind as a shallow thinker. I was just defending myself to anyone else reading the discussion posts.

But, back to attitude. I can always count on you to misinterpret or add motives that I've never considered to a lot of what I post. On top of that you like to be abrasive. If I really thought you posted something by mistake, I would approach it differently. With the above-mentioned - I could have asked - "You do know that is a satire piece?" Even nicer I could have said "Good satire piece" to not offend you if did know and to not show you up if you did not know. 

Russell, the NRA does stuff that’s more than ridiculous. I heard several years ago (but did not confirm by reading the law) that they pushed the Republican majority in Congress to allow mentally ill people to buy guns.

Logic is not widely used in the US of A.

Paranoid capitalism better explains America’s cold war with the Soviet Union. It started soon after WW1 when President Wilson sent American troops to help White Russians defeat Red Russians. After WW2 the Soviets had reason to fear the US of A.

Sociopathic capitalism better explains economic policies that have resulted in recessions or depressions about every eight years and subsequent bailout by taxpayers.

I have better things to do than remark on the rest of your post.




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