I'm creating a simple atheist resource/list site. The css is staying super simple for now so it displays well on large cell phones. It works really well on my v10. Let me know if you know of any resource links I should add!

I found the show atheist experience a few years ago and have slowing been finding good podcasts and sites so I decided to create a nice list site to organize everything I come across. I know the site is super simple but it should be nice for new atheists or those that want to quickly find atheist resources..

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Goth, I don't know how it displays on a cell but there's a lot of info at the Atheist Websites Directory.

It's URL is

A blurb there says it includes the best-known atheist websites plus many small sites. Also top blogs, forums, humor, etc. There is a description of each site and a link to its home page.

thanks, that's a great site!

Tom, I did not know of this site and am happy to see it. I wonder why I have not seen it before? Is it conspicuous upon searching for atheist sites? Thanks. 

Goth, this list of atheist resources meets a very real need and I am so happy to see you producing it. I hope it is in a spectacular place where newcomers can find it upon their first query about atheism. You list every site I know and more. Thanks. 

I like your site, simple and to the point. I really like the categories you chose, especially the comedians, entertainment is often ignored on these reference sites. Have you checked out The Secular Directory. I didn't see it listed but you might want to ad it in, I've found it useful. I'd aslo recommend the podcast, The Phil Ferguson Show he has science-based investing advice. He really breaks investing down so I can understand it. The first half of his show is investing info, the second is an interview with someone or a topic involving atheism or the secular community.

Your site and the one Tom recommended do seem similar, but the more the better! If we have more places with this information, the more likely people are to stumble upon it. Nice work, Goth!

I have known about for a while but here is a great link that I have enjoyed for a long time that isn't on your list our its:

It is owned by Internet Infidels, Inc., and that organization is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization that is dedicated to defending and promoting a naturalistic worldview on the Internet.

Thanks, Gary, for the infidels link.

I found some good writing there, including an essay on the falsity of the Bible's many predictions on the so-called end times and a blog on what to do in Trump's post-truth era. IMNVHO (not very...), the site will reward visits by naturalists.

I had that site on my page. I titled it "The Secular Web" since that is what they are using for their banner name.. I'll update my page so it has the url or banner name in parenthesis.




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