Atheist Richard Dawkins aids Haiti, touts God-free giving. Whoa nelly here we go...

Huge amount of comments from that url!
USA Today's chugh ching data mine!

~ my favs:
YahwehTheRuthles (0 friends, send message) wrote: 4d 6h ago
Atheists have completely crossed the line this time. Only Christians are allowed to gloat about how much money they've raised for humanity relief efforts. If we don't do something now then pretty soon atheists will be donating more money than the religious! We can't let them prove that they're more moral than us! Come on fellow Christians. We have the Bible, a book of tales about devastation God has wrecked upon the Earth and human life, to back our good morals. There's no way they can win, but we can't just stand around now. Lets tithe a little less for the next couple weeks and give the money to the Haitian people instead of our bloated megachurches.


Farther (12 friends, send message) wrote: 4d 9h ago
Why is the egos of the believers so inflated and unwilling to accept that people can care about others without careing about the God they believe in.

Christians believe in a god that has, according to the Bible, destroyed the human race except for eitht and is threatening to do it again along with all the hundreds of thousands he has, again according to the bible killed just because people were not what he thought they should be and yet this God is suposed to have created us in his immage. Sure makes no logic at all that he would create something in his immage and it turn out so bad he has to destroy it over and over again.

I am suposed to believe in the Bible so just think about what I believe the Bible tells me.

If you want to believe in a judgment day then get in line for I will be in front of you all.

I gather you that say you red the Bible just skip over the gory prts of the book. THE RATH OF GOD is a threat to keep you subserviant.

god-free-forever (0 friends, send message) wrote: 4d 16h ago

I swear you guys get dumber each and every day.
Hitler was Christian buddy..

Going by your logic, since you are Christian, why would anyone want to believe in a God since, you know, Hitler believed in one?

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Well isn't that lovely - nothing like the crazy creepers. They crawl out of the woodwork like damn ants. But besides the point, their claims and rallying aren't going to do anything. If they donate relief money for Haiti, good for them. But this is not a Race Against The Evil Atheists.

People like them make me ashamed of the human race. This is where intolerance, ignorance and stupidity get you.
Ha, you betcha, it's the 'tithe' mention which is the red flag, you'll never hear a believer mention it in that format. I think, could be wrong, they use 'offerings'. But that was decades ago in my private school/church during school hours experience... etc. etc..
Yes the first comment is clearly satire, it was posted by "YahwehTheRuthles" :-) Rather humorous really.

Glad you posted this, it prompted me to send another donation as a non-believer.




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