TL;DR: Looking for a pamphlet/brochure re: "Is Your Church Being Honest About Atheism?"

A couple of boys came by my apartment this morning.  No older than 15. They claimed to be Morman and opened the conversation with the typical "We just wanted to let you know about..." etc.  

I simply said that I was Atheist and was busy at the moment. Thanked them for understanding and sent them on their way.  

I'd love to have pamphlets that I could hand out and I found some resources (below), but I was wondering if anyone knows of a pamphlet that explains Atheism using an approach of "Is your church being honest about atheism" by answering the general questions we often get as Atheists?  Though I could likely put one of these together eventually, I'm appealing to the conglomerate wisdom of the Nexus.  



Found so far:

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The Freedom from Religion has some really good ones.

This is perfect! Thanks!

I know this is a couple years after the post, but for any other viewers I have been collecting and creating fliers.  visit

Thanks for sharing those with us! I especially like the "stealth" fliers, like "Embracing the Miracles of God" and "Why Other Religions are Wrong".

Some more fliers are available at "mystic atheist" Rev. James Huber's website, including the parable "Kissing Hank's Ass", "The Watchmaker", and "Questions for Bible-Thumpers" (most pages have a link to a PDF pamphlet version at the bottom).

Yes, I like this.  You could hand them out to those persistent Mormans saying something like, "I promise to read yours cover to cover if you promise to read mine cover to cover."  Probably won't make a difference to them but who knows where those seeds might sprout...and maybe it might just change YOUR mind... well, they can dream can't they?


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