I came across a link to this facebook group via the Out Campaign's website:

Now, some people will probably criticize it I'm sure, call it cliche, call it a waste of time.. and all of the other cynical answers one could come up with. But for a moment I put my own cynical nature aside to say: I think this is a really good idea.

There is no good reason not to have a day devoted to the awareness of non-theism as far as I'm concerned. We are inundated on the calendar with religious events from all kinds of faiths, most Christian ones being state-sponsored holidays (ie: giving us time off work) at least in the West.

I think there is no better thing for Atheism than a day of its own. We are not nearly loud enough or "together" enough for my liking most days, and I certainly don't mind saying I wish we made a lot more noise a lot more often.

I think a day on the calendar.. is absolutely perfect.

I should hope it would flourish, though perhaps it is nothing but a fizzle or a wild idea that never gets off the ground. Who knows if it will, and I'm sure some people don't care or think the opposite of me, but never the less.. for anyone who is interested (and for those of us who remain facebookians), well... There it is. 


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I love this idea!!!!
I'm not on facebook (yet) but I'm all up for the idea! You're right, we need some solidarity. We need to make a calm, rational and very loud noise. I wish..
I tried googling to see if anyone sold the ribbon and no one does yet. This saddens me.
Why do we need to make an official holiday? We're already aware that atheists are discriminated against. Not like we need to remind ourselves we are atheists.
Well, this is true, but we could use a little solidarity and we, as higher thinkers, need to raise awareness and make ourselves more acsessable to the masses who have all those horrible misconceptions about us.
Why do the homosexuals need their Day of Silence? They already know that they are discriminated against.

It helps them to remind themselves they are not alone and that they have supporters. It is to bring awareness to the injustices against them and the difficult lives they have for being different from the power majority.
I think it's a great idea. All of the theists have their own special days and it seems as though that's the only way to get noticed and draw attention to us. I think most people don't even understand much about atheism, other than what some theists told them and we know how accurate that is, right? Those same people probably don't know that we are victims of discrimination either and I like to think that maybe if they knew, some of them would aid us in the struggle for free thought. Someone has to start beating the drum here! I only learned this last week that this site existed. I'm sure that there are other atheists who don't know. Every movement starts somewhere and some of the greatest movements in history began with less people and less resources than we have here. This site has thousands of members. I think that some of you probably have some great ideas about how to get us to be considered more than a fringe group in the society. So I say throw your ideas out there to everybody. Something is bound to stick to the wall.
Thanks for the positive comments! As you can see the day is rapidly approaching. Any help spreading the word would be very appreciated. I feel pretty strongly about this and think that eventually it can work. Some may not like the ribbon but has it's advantages: it can be made yourself if you can't buy it anywhere. You don't have to buy it in a specialty shop. Another advantage is that it's not tied to any group or person. It just means "atheist in solidarity with other atheists". Since it is quite new it will be very hard to find one already made. The scarlet A always works too. I do think that one day every year when atheists are more visible is a good thing. It will eliminate stereotypes as people see atheists around them that don't fit those stereotypes, it is also to raise awareness that not everyone is able to wear it! There are millions who, if it was known they were atheists they would be killed! Ultimately it is a day to celebrate the freedom some have acquired, protest against those who force atheists to hide, and create awareness about atheism. I've purposely set up the day in hopes that there is no "official site" but a varied approach. The main theme that connects them all is solidarity. It's only in solidarity that things will change. This day is for changing some of those things!
This is perfect, I already celebrate June 21st since it's my birthday, this just gives me even more reason to throw a party. I agree that it would be great to have a day for atheists to show support for one another. I know at times I've felt like I'm drowning in religion since I live in the south, there are crosses EVERYWHERE, I pass 4 churches in the 5 minute drive to work every day. I'm pretty open about my atheism but I feel like having a special day to show it would be fantastic.
I will be celebrating this with my fellow non-theists with a party!
Setting up group at: http://www.atheistnexus.org/group/atheistsolidarity
Be sure to spread the word! Thanks.
That would be great! I'm in.




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