Atheist stereotypes: the one group it's still okay to discriminate against.

Somethings has been bothering me lately. How come it's considered okay to propagate the atheist stereotype in books, movies and tv shows? No one would ever dream of making a movie where the token black character is lazy, stupid and a criminal. Or a book where the lead female is dumb, helpless and pregnant in the kitchen. So why when there is an Atheist character, if there is one at all, it is an old, bitter, intolerant, immoral, self-serving, man? Who is usually a doctor or some well paying position of high status.

You can't tell it from where you are, but I'm none of those things. I actually think that my morals are better than some of my christian friends and I am way more tolerant than a few of them (baptists). I am young and very up beat and volunteer every week. I'm middle class and not a doctor (though if all goes well I soon will be). Oh, and I'm a woman. And I bet most of you reading this could say a lot of the same things.

Where have I seen this atheist stereotype? Well, the most well known example would be everyone favorite psychopathic, institutionalized, doctor and tv atheist House! I have nothing against the idea of having an Atheist be the star of a popular tv show but House fits the above Hollywood atheist stereotype like a glove.

Why are atheists never depicted as the bright, cultured, diverse and moral people most of us actually are? Not enough people are telling them to stop. I know we are a precious few but if you don't want people, when they hear the word atheist, to think old, self righteous, curmudgeon, then right to a movie producer or an author and tell them they offended you. It's no fun being discriminated against but you don't have to sit there and take it.

If you agree with what I'm saying, comment. If you don't agree, comment. If you don't really have an opinion, comment anyway.

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I agree, and it seems especially apparent during the holiday season. Depressing, but I'm glad to see posts like this that offer some encouragement. I hope that eventually atheists will be seen and bright, cultured and moral people. Until then, I'll just keep bugging the crap out of the christians.
"Why are atheists never depicted as the bright, cultured, diverse and moral people most of us actually are?'

I've never noticed that in my country,except from a few of the lunar religious right whom most Aussies either just laugh at or ignore.

Here it's considered ill mannered to question people about their personal beliefs. Here bright people are just bright people,religion is not a factor.We have many openly atheist [and gay] members of parliament, and have had at least two openly atheist Prime Ministers of whom I'm aware. The most revered Premiere (US:Governor) in my State's history was atheist AND gay,and he was simply accepted.

Atheism isn't a problem here,at all. From what I can see, the disproportionate power of the lunar religious right in the US is atypical by world standards.
I've never noticed that in my country

I don't care for House, mostly because he's a self-absorbed, abrasive sumbitch, and that put me off him long before I discovered his atheism. Then again, I don't care for much of ANYTHING that Fox puts up, other than football, and that includes The Simpsons (believe it or don't!) and sure as hell Faux Noise!
I luff House. :D
i love house himself. How he is portrayed and how they frame his face in ethical scenarios reeeally pisses me off though.

Not everything on Fox is blatantly conservative. Family Guy is the most liberal show I know besides South Park
And Glee. 
I love Bones. She is beautiful, intelligent, and rational. I don't think this is a bad representation of atheists at all.
This is where we as moral, upstanding, middle class citizens need to correct the stereotype. It is AMAZING how many people can't believe that I am an atheist. They say, "But, you are such a nice person." I then give them my little speech on atheism and the stereotype is smashed! Keep telling people and encouraging critical thinking!
I get this, too.  I am a nice person and I'm good at my  job and I am a loving and fun mom and devoted friend.  I am also very outspoken and happy to "expose" myself and show that you don't have to believe in a delusion in order to be a good, intelligent, fun person.
Actually, atheists were ONCE shown on TV in a positive light, if very briefly, during the first season Babylon 5 episode, "The Parliament of Dreams." The space station was entertaining a demonstration of the various religious practices of different cultures, Mimbari and Centauri being two very notable (and striking in their differences!). Commander Sinclair set about to create his own demonstration by assembling a receiving line of individuals of different cultures and faiths, but the first person in that line was introduced as Mr. Harris - an atheist [and smilingly commented by Joe Michael Straczynski (himself an atheist) as being the best dressed of the bunch!].

Yeah, it's small potatoes ... but I'm a B-5 fan and I had to mention it!
I have never once seen athiests held in a negative light in any media that is remotely large-scale.

I have seen movies on religious bigotry, I have seen movies based on fanatical religious beleifs(The cruicible), I have seen athiests in the Tom clancy novels depicted as rational caring people(tom hanks).

In fact, I doubt I could find a popular movie, that depicts athiests in a negative light.

Please educate me. Please tell which TV show, which movie or which series is showing athiests to be demonized?

I know that we are, but when we are I will battle it. I don't need to invent battles, because it makes me feel more important to be crucified. Religious people with absolutely no axe to grind will still grind it and call themselves persecuted.

Are you doing the same?

Give me examples. I haven't seen them.




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