I was wondering if anyone knew of some good websites to order atheist t shirts. I've been searching and I can't really find any.

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   I agree.  They have some great stuff!



On a funny side note: there is a christian kid's page that has different comic characters. Among them an atheist goat known as the grumpy Mr. Gruff. They sell gear printed with their characters at caffeepress and I can't help but think who ever made the descriptive texts for those items... ahh read for yourself http://www.cafepress.com/objectivemin.111697623
I saw a cool evolution one today with the Darwin fish with legs: We have the fossils. We Win.

I Loved It
I saw that same shirt, I want one!

We have the fossils, we win.

It was so definitive, it was almost poetic... plus it helped that the wearer was busty.
We could make our own and give the money to A|N. I think anyone can open a cafepress account.
I understand that Brother Richard is looking into the t-shirt/merchandise idea. Hopefully some news soon.
Yes, they will be coming real soon. We have been waiting on some work to be done with our logo. It has had several months of delay, but almost complete. Thanks for the support!
That is great to hear. I've been looking for some good atheist shirts to wear.
Richard Dawkins: I have three t-shirts and a hoodie. Great quality! Worth every penny! Fast shipping. I highly recommend RDF.

Freedom From Religion Foundation: “GODLESS” in blue. Standard quality. Back ordered so shipping was slow.

Evolvefish: ordered several items, none arrived. Slow to no communication. Three months after I placed the order I finally got my money back.

American Atheist: ordered AA pins and stickers and stuff, not much of a t-shirt selection. Fast shipping and very courteous customer service.




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