I am interested in trying to determine how many atheists have either converted or reconverted to a particular religious belief.  I realize that there will be the charlatain theists out there who may try to convince some folks that they were once an atheist but now they believe.  It just seems almost impossible to me, for that to happen.  I am fairly sure I am wrong.  There must be folks who have been converted back to either their original belief or for those who have been raised without religion have been converted to something.  I am curious how this could happen.  For myself, when I finally declared myself a non-theist I was freed and happier than I have ever been, I could not imagine returning to such a mindset.  It seems like once you have learned to ride that atheist bicycle you could not possibly forget right?  Does anyone know of any stories like this?



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Nor do I. I've talked to one person who converted but I'm not sure she was ever really an atheist.
Well, I know that's not gonna happen to ME, but I think that any conversion or reconversion to a religious mindset would be driven by a need for either comfort or belonging. I recognize that believers have a warm fuzzy feeling of being watched over or protected by a great big mommy and that must be quite soothing. They also enjoy the luxury of not having to think/question or make their own ethical or moral choices, having had them made for them by their chosen religion. That must be quite restful.




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