“I didn’t do it because I felt sympathy because she got all her shit destroyed by a tornado,” he continued. “I did it simply to be a prick to her Okie-Christian neighbors. It’s funny how hate can make you do real nice things every now and then.”

i can't love this enough.  that was one of my favorite moments of the year (i still smile and laugh every time i watch it) and i'm glad she's getting some much needed financial help.  that she's getting it b/c she was brave enough to admit her atheism on national TV is just a perfect end to the story. 

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Well done and a real classic! Many christians are always saying they are the ones to raise money, and never atheists. Well, not any more.

Big shout-out to Doug Stanhope ... and to Seth Andrews of The Thinking Atheist, who has also given Rebecca some quality exposure as well.

thanks for sharing that video Loren, i hadn't seen that. 




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