Atheist UN Petition against muslim blasphemy ban

The article is here:

I don't know if this is old news to most of you. Most UN decrees have no impact and I don't expect this one to be any different. I have to say though, even if this doesn't gain traction, it made my day. The voice of reason is an excellent role for atheists to play in world politics. I can see this as a great selling point in this country. Too many theists think the goal of atheism is to take away their right to worship. No matter how many times you tell them, they refuse to believe we just want it out of government and policy that affects science (and a few other areas).

On a side note... the Beck website, which contained the article, never fails to disappoint. Most (but not all) of the forum posters are either silent or continue to spew crap about atheists. Even though this is good for them, nope, nu-uhh, no kudos for you. I think most of these keyboard warriors are living their aggression fantasies in CAPS.

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Thanks for sharing this!

It turns out you can avoid Glenn Beck's site:

Reuters (via Yahoo):

International Humanist and Ethical Union's statement to the UN Human Rights Council:

Showing us how to avoid Glenn Beck's site?  Now that's a true friend.  Thanks, G.Cat.  :) 


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