Ayn Rand wrote some pretty bad books once upon a time and there central theme was that of a Objectiveist utopia built on science and reason and eventually the poor dumb unwashed masses would come begging for their smart people who left them.
I fear that if this "dream" was realized a very different event would take place, the theists would hunt them down and destroy them as infidels.

I would however love to take part in such an experiment as starting a Atheistic Commune some where far away from society as we know it. I dream of being in nature and living off the land, using solar energy, just living out of my RV. I however fear I would need like minded folk to help me out however and that's were the commune part comes in.

Do you think something like this would be sustainable or possible in this, the year of our Freedom 236? 

Vi veri veniversum vivus vici

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I would seriously consider jointing such an experiment, but I'm not a leader, so would wait until others took the lead.

The quickest way to get a dystopia is by trying to form a utopia.  

no, and frankly the idea seems foolish, at least to me.  we have a society, and we should continue to seek a proper place in it.  99% of the time we do so without quarrel.  someday we will be accepted within traditional society.

Considering the rise of the fundamentalist movement as epitomized by Santorum I would be hesitant to agree. I actually think there is a fundamental split coming to our society which is going to divide traditionalist and progressive mindsets in a very real and physical way. There are plenty of states in the current United States that would be happy to secede and create their own little theocratic country. There is definitely a sudden upsurge of religion based laws making their ways up the voting chain from the ultrasound laws in Alabama and Virginia to the attempts at mandating creationism/intelligent design in school to things like the "don't say gay bill" in Tennessee.

If you combine these trends with the rise of Islam then you have to admit there is a very real possibility of a very big upswing in religion versus a downtrend in science and reason. The fact that non-religious believers is on the rise in some countries is very much counterbalanced by th rise of metaphysical nonsense in the rest of the world.

I have noticed and thought these things too. There is a lot of emotional brewing, and it will not go on forever. To think that our ideas will be excepted seems like a longshot. This is religion we're talking about.

I am definitely interested in a society based where atheism is a crucial focal point. I am not interested in the living of the land, abandoning technology kind of society.

I spend a lot of time working on a atheistic space civilization concept (I am actually in the middle of writing a book about it). However, you can't build a society simply based on atheism because atheism isn't a social system. It can be a focus of a social system, but can't be THE social system. I do believe, based on ecological and societal concerns, that there is a coming collapse of the social systems which cover the planet at the moment. History shows us that cultures fall back into primitive and traditional systems when faced with large scale catastrophe. The odds are that the coming environmental and resource challenges will drive people back to religion instead of away from it. It is, after all, much easier to avoid responsibility, blame other people (sinners) for problems and wait for god to provide the answers.

Bradley mentioned a society "built on science and reason".  That's why I was interested.  I would also not want to abandon technology.

I am not saying we abandon our technology.
 I cant imagine life without my tech/phone
 but I would like to break from the social
needs like power grids and grocery stores.
 I would also say its based on
Secular humanism not atheism.

Sounds good to me.

I have thought the same thing. This world is a scary place, even the US and I see it getting a lot worse before it gets better. The last place I want to be is in a heavily populated area filled with irrational people. I have just recently joined this site and have never had any other atheists in my life, but I wouldn't want to do something like that alone.


Atheism is the lack of a belief. It is not any set of beliefs in particular. I fail to see the connection between atheism and some scientific utopia, or how it is even possible to create a society where atheism is the focal point. If you meant a society where government does not have as many religious constituents, such a place already exist: it's called Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia. Atheism doesn't really have anything to do with green energy, and religion isn't necessarily opposed to it either.




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