I just finished a great game called "Dead Space" in which religious nutbars try to destroy the human population with their idiotic drivel and the government eventually steps in and does something, but only after thousands have died as a result of their delusion.

I also am a fan of Fallout 3, in which religious people are represented largely as harmful by their stupidity, gullibility, and manipulativeness, albeit with a few minor exceptions.

Half life 2 seemed a bit religious, as the ancient faith of the weird aliens seems to be powerful, but then it seems to be ultimately controlled by that weird guy that appears every so often.

Bioshock? I dont really know if that is or not...Id be interested in opinions. What about other games?

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I haven't tried Assassins Creed yet so I'll have to watch out for that one. Bioshock 2 came out yesterday so that's my next one for sure, once I've finished Dead Space for the second time in a row since it ruled so much.

I think to get half life you should play portal first, which is what I did, Portal was a better first experience, but I agree, half life was kind of lame compared to fallout 3 or Bioshock.

Its good to see games underscoring the retarded-ness of religion. I haven't tried "left behind" yet, but I imagine the various xtian corporate machines are working on another incarnation of their propaganda in game form. The big problem with the bible is the plot is really lame and boring, the characters blow, and the superpowers are pretty stupid once you get past the first couple paragraphs of Genesis.

Running Fallout 3 in God Mode is one of my favorite things to do...plus using cheat codes to spawn copies of characters in the wrong context and see what they do to each other or make them super tiny or really huge is kind of fun. But even running in God Mode I couldnt possibly be as much of a jerk as God is in the bible. He would have blown up megaton, blown up the citadel, and killed all the kids. He would have had the lowest Karma possible I wager.
Now thats a funny idea to think of what any sort of Abrahamic god could have done in God Mode. Obviously he would have had the lowest karma because it would have been ridding the world of "evil things". Like Nova. Or the Ghouls.

I might play Portal. I was considering it. I'm actually going to replay Assassins Creed 1 because at the time when I played it, I was fence-sitting about religion and didn't understand much of what was going on.

Ugh, they have a Left Behind game?! I read all the novels when I was younger. They all sucked hard for me.
I've played a lot of CRPGs and I can't remember a single one that didn't feature at least one religion, usually more. Sometimes you are given no choice but to play as a religious tool despite a desire to avoid all that hocus pocus.

I find it interesting that creators of fantasy amplify the real world in terms of religion as well as other things. Magic really exists. So do unicorns and dragons. And prayer actually works. When you pray for your god to heal some poor slub, he gets healed.

Is this how we know that religion is just a fantasy? :D
It is hilarious when religious folks write "christian fantasy" novels, or movies, or games in this case because it does as you say underscore that religion bears a strong resemblance to mythos and the land of pretend.
I have to say that I have found the religions in the Thief series (The Dark Project) to be among the most amusing and least annoying.
My first impression of BioShock was that it was against cults and fanaticism. Unfortunately I watched a promotional video for the new version with an ominous intonation about what happens when people try to create a "godless" utopia. That bothered me a lot. Supporting the idea that if we have a godless society we'll turn into violent zombies. I wouldn't call that atheistic!
I too was thinking that possibility, but it seems more anti-eugenics / genetic manipulation / unethical science, which tends to occur when religious ideas of a "perfected race" come along. I dont think they tie the idea of ethics to religion as the main character never has to "pray" or consult a holy book, or "have faith" to do the right thing. The bad guys in Bioshock seemed more interested in ignoring the reality of their actions and devoted to their sacred ideology, which to me is consistent with religious behavior.

One kind of ridiculous thing about Bioshock AND Dead Space is your character gets berated constantly for simply "obeying a set of commands", Bioshocks "would you kindly" speeches, and the over the radio commands in Dead Space, when you have absolutely no choice in what you do, the games are both totally on traintracks. Whereas, with Fallout 3, you really have the option to completely ignore quests and do other things, and you can leave a quest any time and revisit another partially completed quest...or just wander around and shoot up stuff etc. That is, to me, where Fallout 3 beats most video games out there.

Def. gonna check it out!
Final Fantasy Tactics for the PS2/PSP stirred some controversy when it depicted medieval Roman Catholic church, thinly veiled as the Murond Glabados church, as an evil institution.

P.S. I love Japanese culture for being so creative and honest with religion. Some criticisms of American creationism I saw from them were: "Is America some sort of giant kindergarten?" ...I forgot the other ones, but anyways they had me rooting for them :)
Most people on Japan are Buddhists, and on Buddhism is not a matter of "intolerance" to question religion ideas, there is not "walls' in the quest for knowledge and self analysis ..
That s why I feel so free playing JP games and RPG, There isn't a Thick line between "God/Evil", just people with normal problems, the bad guys are not "ultimate evil" without a reason... is a lot difference from tales of Christian,/Judaic/ Islamic tales, where bad people is REALLY pleasuring itself with "evil" and nonsense domination..
But some portion of Japan is Christian ( thank you US ... NOT!! )., and they are represented on the gaming/ anime market from time to time..
My middle child has Assassins Creed II, beautifully rendered game; he really seems to enjoy it. Haven't seen anything particularly churchish, but then I don't pay that much attention.

He also played two different Ninja Gaiden, (sp?), that he forced me to buy; again, beautifully rendered and considering the settings, doesn't seem to be any real room for religion.

But really, they are just fantasy and escapism, should be about the entertainment value, shouldn't it?
I would say that tales of Symphonia has a good approach to religion, with Churches of Marttel and everything else, people believing on false prophet/prophecies as a result of misunderstandings, etcetc. Looks "innocent" but shows how little things, can get bigger with time due to ignorance, blindness and speculation. is only available on Nintendo Game Cube, but you can play on Wii with a NGC controller.
Ahh, Bioshock is quite outstanding... Adam Ryan is portrayed as an Atheist with lack of medical Ethics or understanding of.. "Believers" are "humble" and low class, almost escaping and asking for forgiveness for negating "God" :-)... And what about Resident Evil 4??
Final Fantasy used to be good, but after X ( maybe including ), went down Hill...
Those are not "Atheist" games, but they comment and represent religion as a social burden, effect and their consequences. I really would hate to see a game where the character says " God is within us, to protect our soul...believe... march like zombies ..etcetc"




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