I am so accustomed to working with groups on specialized subjects on this site, that I never paid attention to blogs and this forum. I have no idea where the best place to post information on web sites and online resources discovered, or for that matter, book news. In the immortal words of Phil Donahue, help me out here.

With that in mind, here are two important web sites I just discovered.

The University of Cambridge has a whole new study unit sparked by the "new atheism":

Investigating Atheism

This covers definitions, arguments, history, bibliography, and more.

Note particularly the classified bibliography:



In wiki format.

"FreeThoughtPedia.com was launched to provide a central repository for resources relating to debate and discussion on a wide variety of issues surrounding the critical thinking movement, including Religion, Atheism, Science, Debate Techniques and more. . . . The idea here is to provide a place to link to which saves time in having to repeat many common arguments or dispel false assumptions . . . "

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Thanks for those links. They look very interesting.
You will also notice that at the top there is a section called links which is a list of quite a few valuable resources.
So tell me, where is the best place to post annoucements like this? How about book announcements?
A wiki is one of the promised new features - has been for ages. It really should be at the top of the priority enhancement list - more so than even the chatroom. Its a big hole in the sites features.
This isn't a bad place. What I would suggest is that you send a message to Brother Richard so that he can add it to the list.
I don't understand. Add what to what list? Do you mean the development of a wiki?

I've been posting book announcements to the Nexus Book Club, but I wonder if that's the best place to post for books on religion and irreligion.
I am new to this site. Thanks for the links.




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