"Spirituality often involves looking inward. But it can generate a feeling of connectedness in more ways than you might have imagined. A study in September found that women who rank high on a test for spirituality, particularly connectedness, are more likely to have more sex with more partners. Men who thought of themselves as spiritual were not similarly promiscuous, however."

This comes from Live Science. It looks like you atheist girls are not getting pronged as often as your religious sisters. Life ain't fair!!

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That comes from a women's point of view, of course!!
I second Christina :-).

We have standards.

Besides who says "more men are better".

And how do they know that atheist women aren't just getting laid more often with one quality man as opposed to 50 losers.
They haven't settled for less in their beliefs, and they don't with their men (or women) either!
I wish I could make that statement lol.
I recall my University professor telling us that if we were female, over 35 and not yet married we had less chance of getting married than we did getting kicked to death by a donkey or getting killed in an air crash. Our religiosity wasn't mentioned. As for me, I've never met a man that was good enough in bed that I'd want to be hitched to him for life. ;-)
Gotcha. So the discussion title should read "Atheist women get laid less because atheist men aren't good enough in bed"? :P
What your prof failed to mention was that that statistic good suggest that woman with those attributes might have figured out that marriage (without children - in which case a some kind of 'sacred pact' or contract may be advised) makes little sense.
But what about the health benefits?
Oh.... that's right. Uh huh... uh huh...

I got all up in the cohabi-tater's health care plan.
I hate being a statistic! Oh well, why would you want to enter into a contract that +50% of the parties choose to terminate shortly after anyway? As for the action in the sac, I reckon it probably has to do with the fact--like many other posters have pointed out--that thinking women tend to have higher standards.
It could be me, but I think that in general it's a lot easier for a woman to get laid then it is for a men. Maybe it's just that spiritual woman are more gullible to the bullshit that men tell them to get them into bed?
Yeah. The punchline of the joke is: 'so what,' said the little girl; showing her stuff to the little boy, 'my Mommy told me that with one of these I can get as many of those as I want!'




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