"Spirituality often involves looking inward. But it can generate a feeling of connectedness in more ways than you might have imagined. A study in September found that women who rank high on a test for spirituality, particularly connectedness, are more likely to have more sex with more partners. Men who thought of themselves as spiritual were not similarly promiscuous, however."

This comes from Live Science. It looks like you atheist girls are not getting pronged as often as your religious sisters. Life ain't fair!!

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Unless their religious men :-).

I located the article in a Google Search and apparently the opposite happens to Spiritual/religious men who end up with a lower sex drive.

I'll not go into the implications of that one. Haha.
I'd think so,yes..I know a really religious woman and she is so gullible it's scary!
Atheist women are surely just as connected as their religious sisters. Also since they are more intelligent than the religious, they have fewer potential partners to choose from, since intlelligent people of either sex are in the minority.
I don't know if it's true that non believers are more intelligent then believers. Some atheists have never been indoctrinated with religion, and some of the greatest minds in history were believers. Correlation maybe, I wouldn't want to go as far as to say that they are more intelligent than the religious.
Nope, it sez "more likely to have more sex with more partners". They're sluts!!
I picked it up off of Livescience.com yesterday.
Contraception is a sin!!!!1111
So is it "spiritual, but not religious" or simply spiritual meaning religious? I may have to change my Match profile from "looking for Atheist/Agnostic" to looking for spiritual, or even xtian. Only problem is smart women are far better in bed than the dim ones......*sigh*....decisions, decisions.
I've found that females are generally boring in bed, just as a rule.

The prevalent attitude being, "I've got the equipment, you do the work."

Unfortunately, that leaves some of us, (who refuse to be promiscuous due to morbid fear of disease transmission), in the "Costanza situation".

Such is life.
That coming from the assumption that sexually there is such a thing as "the right woman".

I find that to be improbable at best.
"It takes two to tango," so expecting the other person to make any given sexual encounter mindblowing single-handedly (no pun intended) is foolish on either part, IMHO.
The expectation of the female is that because they have the vagina, the male is solely responsible for the level of performance.

That is my experience; anecdotal, yes, everything I have experienced, yes, females being insanely sexually boring, yes.

But on a positive note, my hand doesn't cost me any money and still provides the same lackluster performance; net sum= financial win!


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