"Spirituality often involves looking inward. But it can generate a feeling of connectedness in more ways than you might have imagined. A study in September found that women who rank high on a test for spirituality, particularly connectedness, are more likely to have more sex with more partners. Men who thought of themselves as spiritual were not similarly promiscuous, however."

This comes from Live Science. It looks like you atheist girls are not getting pronged as often as your religious sisters. Life ain't fair!!

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When Kylie was 13, her parents took her on a hike in Lake Tahoe, Calif. "We discussed what it means to be a teenager in today's world," she says. They gave her a charm for her bracelet--a lock in the shape of a heart. Her father has the key. "On my wedding day, he'll give it to my husband," she explains. "It's a symbol of my father giving up the covering of my heart, protecting me, since it means my husband is now the protector. He becomes like the shield to my heart, to love me as I'm supposed to be loved."

Read more: http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1823930,00.html#ix...

I'm already sick, but reading this made me visit the porcelain convenience. Thanks Nerd.
"Sex enthusiasts" - need to find me a few more of those! Just kidding. I'm a serial monogamist myself. ADD doesn't afford me the ability to keep all the names and dates straight. Although, if I wasn't worried about names and dates, I suppose my ADD would lead me to be more polyamorous.

Nevertheless, as a man, I am, indeed, a sex enthusiast.
Although, if I wasn't worried about names and dates, I suppose my ADD would lead me to be more polyamorous.

Tsk tsk Howard S. Coleridge. The operative part of "polyamory" is "amor", not "fuckery".
Man - atheist chicks definitely have a better sense of humor when it comes to sex!

But I won't be fucking any talking birds anytime soon ...
"... at the CYO where thy're learnin' to blow ..."

from Catholic GIrls by the late, great Frank Zappa
I remember many (too many!) years ago a psychololgy professor said the best time to seduce a woman was right after a revival meeting. I guess they're really wired up, maybe they just get hot anticipating a visit from the holy ghost!
There is a simple explanation:

Religious women scream, "Oh God!" when they're having sex.
Atheist women scream, "Absolutely nothing!" which is rather confusing for their partner.

This joke is unusual for that fact that it doesn't work without the punctuation.
I think the issue is that they don't plan to have sex but at some point they can't deny nature. Rather like the saying... "It is easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission"... because god will never respond!!!
As I put it in a previous post - if you're having sex with a guy named Dave and you yell "Oh, Frank!" - he's liable to get pretty pissed. But, even if he is an atheist and knows you are kidding, telling him you were calling HIM god will, nevertheless, be well received.
I'm nicking that one for later use.

"Oh Goddess" might be more convincing.
If you're a hetero guy or a lesbian -"oh goddess" would be correct. (Unless you are a narcissistic hetero guy....)
"Oh my, oh my!"

I can go with that.




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