"Spirituality often involves looking inward. But it can generate a feeling of connectedness in more ways than you might have imagined. A study in September found that women who rank high on a test for spirituality, particularly connectedness, are more likely to have more sex with more partners. Men who thought of themselves as spiritual were not similarly promiscuous, however."

This comes from Live Science. It looks like you atheist girls are not getting pronged as often as your religious sisters. Life ain't fair!!

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Whereas bisexuals are free to yell anything they please.
"Oh, Frank!"
"Err, my name is Suzy!"
I had a 'bisexual' girlfriend - she thought that was a weird label. She said she was either 'ambisexual' or just plain 'sexual'. As far as she knew, she herself, could offer only sex with a female.
Quality is always better than quantity unless you're getting quantity from the quality.
If you read the actual article's abstract, you'll see that the results apply to "young adult women" (I am guessing that means something like 18-24?) -- not the most discriminating age for either sex. Also, the study was also done by a self-reporting survey (meaning the respondent's could put anything down), and hierarchical regression was used so they had to drill a bit to get to their results. Wouldn't take this too seriously.
Not sure too many of us are taking this too seriously ...

Alan, please inject facts into the conversation any time. I didn't bother to read the actual article's abstract, so I appreciate you doing the work for me.
There were facts involved? Ooops. Sorry. Never mind.
Psh, I get laid plenty, and with quality partners too.

I had horrible romantic/sexual luck in my earlier years, when coincidentally I was "spiritual", but I think other factors were the reason for my horrible luck. My luck got better over the years. I've been an atheist for almost 2 years, and coincidentally, my sex life has never been better.

What does this study mean by "spiritual" people? Are they talking about Judeo-Christians, or new-agey? That I can believe. I think "spiritual" people are more likely to get into whirlwind romances, b/c they'll come up with some thing about having known each other in a past life or being each other's destiny, instead of seeing it for what it is. Has anyone else noticed this?
I think a lot of people are overcome by hormones regardless of belief.
If by hormones, you mean Satan, then sure. By design, church services are so stultifying that Satan crawls back into the congregants' gonads and shrivels up out of pure boredom. The effect is often so strong that one treatment lasts the whole week. This is why houses of worship get so upset if you miss a week.




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